Manage Multiple Identities with One Gravatar Account

Did you know that you can have multiple email addresses associated with your Gravatar account? And that each email address can use a different image? Managing multiple email addresses with Gravatar is a snap.

Many of us have multiple email accounts — for work, school, our personal lives, our blogs, online groups we belong to, and more. Many of us also use different images of ourselves on different websites. You might not want your professional image to be the same as what you’d use on Twitter or Facebook.

Gravatar can help you manage these identities by allowing you to use associate a different image with each email address you’ve connected to Gravatar. To get started, sign in to Gravatar. You’ll see all the email addresses associated with your account, and all the images you’ve uploaded:


Pick the email address you’d like to edit, and select an image (or add a new one using the blue link at the top). We’ll double-check with you to make sure you want to make this change:

gravatar confirm copy

And there you go!

gravatar climax

Make sure you use this email address when participating online, and the appropriate Gravatar will appear alongside. Now, your online identities are neatly separated, and you’re presenting yourself exactly as you prefer.

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