Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 3 Game Selects Gravatars For Use In Profiles

Electronic Arts has implemented Gravatar in their upcoming Battlefield 3 video game’s online profile and game management site Battlelog.

Battlelog is the new browser interface for the game, allowing you to find friends, servers to play on, groups to join as well as your stats. Wherever a user is listed on the site, be it on your friends list or on the list of people currently playing on a server, their Gravatar is shown.

Battlefield 3 Battlelog

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9 responses to “Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 3 Game Selects Gravatars For Use In Profiles”

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    […] Mills who is also known as Viper007Bond has discovered that Battlelog, EA’s game management site for Battlefield 3 has chosen to use Gravatar to […]


  2. gundecking Avatar

    OK How?
    I set up the Gravatar, yet my image did not show up.
    Its a PG rated image. Is there a level that it HAS to be under?


    1. Alex Mills Avatar

      By default, Gravatar only returns G-rated images. Since EA isn’t passing a rating parameter on Battlelog, Gravatar is defaulting to G and not showing your image as a result.

      You’ll need to change the rating of your Gravatar to G in order for it to show up on Battlelog (and here).


  3. baahduodu Avatar

    Interesting! keep it up!


  4. ZeroOne Avatar

    I found Gravatar via the Battlelog and it sounds neat. For which other services is Gravatar actually supposed to work? I’ve already authorized it to work on YouTube, Twitter and Flickr but nothing seems to happen. Should I do something else besides just adding those services into the list of Verified Services?


    1. Alex Mills Avatar

      Authorizing services verifies that they are your accounts and makes them show up on your Gravatar profile which can be found here: http://gravatar.com/zeroone3010

      Gravatar in general is meant to save you from having to upload an avatar for each site that you visit. For example, your comment here on this blog has an avatar next to it because you used an e-mail address that has a Gravatar tied to it.

      Most WordPress-powered blogs implement this functionality as well as many, many, many other sites, including now Battlelog. 🙂


  5. nitromonkey Avatar

    can someone explain this complicated process of getting my Gravatar to show up on my battlelog…it is rated g already…simple instructions would be appreciated


  6. Various News Avatar

    OK, I want to try game it friend. I like playing game. Tanks for your share