Open Profile Data

Did you know that in addition to the hCard markup on profile pages, we support a number of other completely open, standards-based formats for accessing profile data on Gravatar? These formats are all accessed using a similar method to how Gravatar images have been requested. Full details are provided in the Developer Resources section of the site which has been completely refreshed! Here are the formats that are available:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • PHP
  • VCF/vCard
  • QR Codes

The raw data formats (JSON, XML, PHP) are based on the Portable Contacts standard to improve interoperability with existing tools and systems, while the other formats are existing standards for sharing certain pieces of data. We’ll be providing some example implementations to demonstrate just how powerful these options can be, and I’m sure that we’ll start seeing some creative implementations from folks in the near future.

Here was the initial announcement around the coming profile data formats which I made at WordCamp San Francisco 2010 in May. You can also view the video on

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One response to “Open Profile Data”

  1. Maynard Cook Avatar

    I’ve been using WordPress for my blogs and I kind of ignore Gravatar. Having read your post, I am enlightened and will use this feature and update my profile.

    Many thanks for this wonderful post.

    Maynard Cook