Gravatar Module for Phorum

March 26, 2010 | Posted by Paul Kim

Phil C. wrote in to let us know he’s developed a module to make Gravatars available within Phorum. Websites using Phorum software to run their forums can easily drop this Module into their installations, no customization required (although customization is easily supported). Check out the full list of features and grab the Module here. Thanks Phil!

4 Responses

  1. Milan says:

    Why don’t you update this page with information like this? Many implementations are not listed overthere.

    Unrelated question: who is now responsible for Gravatar, I know that Demitrious was? There is issue now after redesign and introduction of profiles: locale Gravatar sites are “broken” because there are many new strings. You should update POT file and notify translators via list (because automatic notification of POT update doesn’t work).

    • Beau Lebens says:

      You’re right Milan, and those pages will be updated, we’re just still getting to them. Demitrious is still involved with Gravatar, I’ve just come on board and have been working on some of the new features. We’re also doing a big round of updates to the internationalization of Gravatar to make sure that all the different translations are correct (and cover everything).

  2. asmi says:

    thank you for your information

  3. Milan says:

    Are there any news on internationalization? It’s been a month since you added profiles and still no way to translate that?

    It’s not just Gravatar, but is affected too, because on profile pages you load data from, eg., so we need to translate Gravatar if we want this page to be translated too (but before you must also internationalize this script that generates this JavaScript code).

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