TinyPic & Gravatars

Michael C. writes in to let us know that TinyPic users now get their Gravatar for their profile image.  Thanks TinyPic, we think you’re pretty grrrrreat yourselves!

As a side note I think it’s really telling that a service which hosts images and videos for people to easily link to decided to use Gravatar for their profiles.  TinyPic has the infrastructure in place to do this.  They already have uploading, caching servers, and a CDN figured out.  They might even have croppers and image effects floating around.  But 2 things are important here.  The first is that profile images still aren’t the at core of what they want to provide to people.  Second, and more importantly, is that enabling Gravatar support is good for their users — It’s easy, its simple, and it gives them value far beyond that individual profile page.






18 responses to “TinyPic & Gravatars”

  1. Skyler Avatar

    Gravatars are just so convenient… plus you couldn’t make them easier to set up once you sign up for an account. The other day I had to tell some friends that visited my site to get on here and get some Gravatars made… which spurred me to make a post about it to get people a bit more informed. I’m sure if your server was overloaded, this was the likely culprit (haha yeah, I wish).


  2. Chetan Avatar

    WOW, I love tiny pic, and now its with Grava, cool.

  3. thesh14819 Avatar

    yeah agreed but….
    becareful uploading your images because they wont be hosted for a long time.
    some people are really mean and they go around and then click “report offensive” then what do you know? 30 seconds later BAM the photo is deleted and the link isn’t in good use anymore 😦

  4. varlogblog Avatar

    Good point, there must be some place where to be stored all these avatar images, however here stands a word about a huge amount of small images and of course even bigger bandwidth problems :S

  5. rollchan Avatar

    I just love Gravatars. da best. ;P

  6. Engineering Avatar

    it’s better to use our own server

  7. edison Avatar

    gonna try this one… kinda sound interesting.. cheers mate… 😉

  8. biginternetmarketing Avatar


  9. maz Avatar

    gravatar is de best….!

  10. iskandarx Avatar

    Sound like great!! Seen gravatar is the greatest.

  11. Tabloid Internet Avatar

    We’re new in gravatar.. thx for the tool’s. Now our pic appear on all of our comments at the friends blog. thx again…

  12. littledevil45 Avatar

    Hi Cool BTW

  13. Super Jumbo Mortgage Avatar

    Good to know about Tiny Pic

  14. flravatar Avatar


  15. iris612 Avatar

    It is convenoent for us .I like tinypic…..

  16. xiaoxiaozhu38 Avatar

    Very Good!

  17. dalidass Avatar

    interesting… and Very Good!

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