Mindtouch Deki Wiki supports Gravatar

Sarah C. writes in to let us know that Mindtouch Deki supports Gravatars via an extension.  Gravatars help give a sense of community, as well as a sense of ownership to all kinds of sites.  A wiki is a great place for both, as shown in their examples.  Awesome work, guys!

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5 responses to “Mindtouch Deki Wiki supports Gravatar”

  1. Steve Bjorg Avatar

    Gravatars are supported natively too! The extension provides some additional “tweaking” options, but otherwise every MindTouch Deki site comes with Gravatar support! 🙂

    – Steve


  2. Sarah Carr Avatar

    Thanks for the mention! We’ve been using Gravatar on our blog for some time and love how easy it is. Keep up the great work and support to your community, guys!


  3. Corey Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out. I wanted to clarify something. We have an extension for Gravatar but we also support it natively out of the box. Thanks again.

    Corey G.


  4. ndasamoruo Avatar

    Hello, I love Gravatar but my knowledge is still low.
    Judica Losai


  5. cricket games Avatar

    Thanks for your post that mention about this , now i know about Gravatar