Gravatar + WordCamp = Awesome

WordCamp San Francisco 2008 badges will be printed with your Gravatar image. Check out Andy’s sweet mockup to see what it will look like.

Be sure your Gravatar email matches the one you use for registration, and have your image ready to go before August 14. If you haven’t already, try uploading a higher res image, up to 512×512 pixels. Then use the badge checker to see what it will look like.

Those without a Gravatar will have an identicon printed.





16 responses to “Gravatar + WordCamp = Awesome”

  1. talishte Avatar

    Nice 512×512

  2. theotheragentm Avatar

    Awesome. I can’t wait until badges have location awareness and will keep a tally of everyone you came in contact with during these events. Their Gravatar could pop up when you load them on to your computer.

  3. Dougal Avatar

    An awesome addition would be a barcode (BARcode, ha!) that encodes the person’s web URL. Especially since there’s an app for the iPhone to read those….

    Wish I was going to be there! I’m hoping to make it to WordCamp Birmingham, part of SxDS, in September.

  4. udinux Avatar

    512×512 to big isnot it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. christiancabuay Avatar

    Yeah, I’ll be there. Now I gotta find the right photo….

  6. […] Instead of 2 days, it’s 1 day with loads of speakers. A great feature is the gravatar & badge integration. […]

  7. bosscodex Avatar

    Hi all, its awesome! Thanks

  8. adolson Avatar

    Gravatar is such a good idea. I just found out about it today, and so I added it to TAWKN. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for this service!

  9. vixcious Avatar

    Gravatar is the best!!

  10. omarmi Avatar

    ohh..very good…and best tq

  11. dipen Avatar

    quick question: Is there any “GET YOUR GRAVATAR” image so that I can put up on my site and educate ppl abt getting theri gravatar? I did a google image search, Found nothing. Really this should be present in developer resources. It promotes you and help people get a global gravatar.

  12. Omarm Avatar

    gambar elek…

  13. wearehappy Avatar


  14. Nehalem2008 Avatar

    That’s awesome!

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