SezWho supports Gravatars

The latest version of the SezWho comment rating and reputation system now has built-in Gravatar support.

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9 responses to “SezWho supports Gravatars”

  1. Thaya Kareeson Avatar

    For those people who has just installed the new SezWho, you will notice that Gravatars do not work right away. I found out from the developer (Jitendra) that the Gravatar icons are fetched once per day, so there might be some kind of delay before the Gravatar icons show up. Just a heads up to not freak out like I did.


  2. Jitendra Avatar

    Thanks Toni for the mention…

    Indeed, we just update our references every 24 hours in order to give hard working gravatar servers some relief.

    Now Toni, when are you putting SezWho on this blog 😉



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  4. Matt Avatar

    You should feel free to hotlink the Gravatars – we already handle tens of thousands of requests per second for them.


  5. Dave Zatz Avatar

    Ah, wished I had known about the 24 hour polling – figured it was broken. I’ll give SezWho another look later this week.


  6. Nancy Cole Avatar

    All, for integrated symbols and pictures/avatars, check out You can point to any picture or symbol, not necessarily one signed up with gravatars, and it will automatically size it and include it with your comments. We feel this integrated solution is much more flexible.


  7. Erik Pettersson Avatar

    I just love gravatar! Simply added support in my own blog. Thx!


  8. housefreak Avatar

    Hi, I want a avatars widget for my recent comments for wordpress. Can someboby help me?


  9. Piet Avatar

    Hmmmm, I like this and get a avatar very soon 😉