Gravatar plugin for Textpattern

February 14, 2008 | Posted by Demitrious Kelly

Thanks to Louis McGee for sending in a link to a Textpattern plugin which supports gravatar functionality (glx_gravatar). He comments that this is a more coder friendly (and upgrade-proof) way of implementing gravatar support for textpattern.

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  4. Mr KOP says:

    Test avatar ???

  5. Susie Pukie says:

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  8. Mares says:

    testing as my gravatar hasn’t loaded on any of the blogs I’ve commented on (yes, they have gravatar plugins.)

  9. Mares says:

    Why do I have a gravatar logo instead of the graphic I loaded up?

  10. GUI says:

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  11. I really think this gravatar thing is cool. Thanks for the hard work.

  12. m1l0s0v1c says:

    hhhmm… of topic, but it needs a post – what’s with the black background now?

    My gravatar doesn’t fill the entire box and is a alpha channel png, so I got a (not so) luvverly black square now…


  13. fusserg says:

    super, cool !

  14. fusserg says:

    Thanks, cool…

  15. nikimuto says:

    hi from bulgaria. glavatar is good. ако някой знае български да пише. поздрави на всички!

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