Gravatars in ASP

Michal, over at WebDevPros has put together the necessary information (and an md5 include) for using gravatars in your classic ASP applications. Check out the article here: As always we’re thrilled to see more and more ways to make gravatar universally implementable. Great job, Michal!

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6 responses to “Gravatars in ASP”

  1. John Magnus Avatar

    Back in 2004 I put together the necessary bits (uses Chris Read’s ASP MD5 routine) to get Gravatars working with classic ASP applications. Even emailed it to Tom (Werner), though for one or another reason (IIRC he was pretty busy at the time) he didn’t add it to the implementor’s guide. Haven’t looked at it for a while, though given that implementing Gravatars haven’t changed much it should still be working fine. Has a few options (size, border, rating and default avatar) and should be easily integrated into ASP applications. If anyone’s interested, the original blog post (;ASP-grAvatars ) with some more info, the required code, a working demo and a zip download is still available on my site…


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