Welcome to Gravatar 2.0!

I’m pleased to announce the release of the all new gravatar.com 2.0! It’s the same great Gravatar you’ve come to know and love, now with more features and better scalability.

As always, you can sign up for free and get:
– One email address per account
– Two gravatars per account (and an easy way to switch between them)

Or upgrade to Gravatar Premium and get:
– Unlimited emails per account
– Unlimited gravatars per account (makes switching between them easy!)

Gravatar 2.0 allows you to upload any size image which you can then crop to your liking with the built in cropper, making it easy to get your images just the way you want them. In addition to uploading from disk, you can now choose an image off the internet, making it simple to use photos from Flickr or your favorite website.

While every gravatar will still have a rating, it will now be up to you to make that judgement call. Putting this power in your hands means no more long waits to see your image online, and makes possible our upcoming API that will allow you to manage your gravatars from external applications!

With G2 comes a brand new, highly scalable server architecture that will enable Gravatar to grow. The new architecture is backwards compatible with existing plugins, but introduces a new, simpler URL format for requesting gravatars. This new format will become the basis for an updated set of plugins that will be forthcoming. These new plugins will begin to leverage some of the exciting online identity enhancements that are already in the works.

This release is just the beginning of a big change in how users interact on the web. Keep an eye on this weblog for news about upcoming features and plugins.

Welcome to Your Identity—Online.





282 responses to “Welcome to Gravatar 2.0!”

  1. glesik Avatar

    Thanks a lot! Great job!

  2. Mai Avatar

    congratulations! welcome back… yipee…

  3. Ullis Avatar

    I love it.

  4. Buffawhat Avatar

    I love the new site… thanks for getting it going again!

  5. FreeTrav Avatar

    I stand corrected; it APPEARED that I’d set it properly in the program; it’s not even propagating to comments here.

  6. Mathias Amnell Avatar

    Great! Thumbs up for you guys.

  7. Lubos Motl Avatar

    My gravatar hasn’t appeared yet on any forum or my haloscan – testing this one. Tx anyway.

  8. djs69 Avatar

    I couldn’t apply an image to my email address using IE6, but tried Firefox and it worked first time. So far my gravatar hasn’t worked though.

  9. Corrado Avatar

    How long is the propogation supposed to take for gravatar images to show up on supported blogs?

    Is there any planned support for moving GIF avatar images? The crop tool fails to load when I try to upload one, but it will show as an available avatar (despite being too big).

  10. bogup Avatar

    testing gravatar image.

  11. nick Avatar

    I am so glad to see it up!!!

  12. barbra Avatar


  13. Aine Avatar

    Six hours later… still not working.

  14. vanina Avatar

    LOL i can’t get in!!! guess i’ll try later 😦

  15. Mackan Avatar

    This is such a great idea. But it doesn’t work! Could someone responsible please hint us about when the problem should be resolved?

  16. Wady Avatar

    Need new wordpress gravatar plugin?

  17. flix Avatar

    Same here!!!

  18. L.C. Avatar

    First time gravatar user just checking…

  19. Boxhamster Avatar

    Hmpf It doesn`t work

  20. LUCIana Avatar

    very good job!!

  21. Rob G Avatar
    Rob G


  22. Afiya Avatar

    Can ANYONE answer our questions…WHY AIN’T some avatars working? What are some of us doing wrong? Goodness!

  23. JET Avatar

    Is anyone going to explain what the glitch is that allows only a few individual’s gravatars to appear but the majority don’t work ???

  24. dideon Avatar

    It says that the url is unavailabre:

    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


  25. Gmartintin Avatar

    I mean that pictures don’t been dispplayed on the weblog. Only the default picture.

  26. Letícia Avatar

    Test my Gravatar!

  27. Russell Avatar

    Mine isn’t working either 😦

  28. Josh Avatar

    gracias para todo

  29. MissHagrid Avatar

    testing my avatar again

  30. Sophie Avatar

    hmmm I guess some avatars is not working! =X

  31. Kirsten Avatar


  32. xyz 2 Avatar
    xyz 2

    Not working for me!

  33. kseistrup Avatar

    Not working for me, either…

  34. kiNg Avatar
  35. alexr Avatar

    Looks like I’m not the only one wondering why my gravatar isn’t showing up.

  36. matthew Avatar

    Good to see Gravatar up and running again.

  37. Morf Avatar

    gravatar test 😉

  38. jaJa Avatar

    it’s been days and i can’t get this gravatar thing to work.

  39. Foofy Avatar

    There’s no contact information anywhere on this site. Where do I e-mail legitimate business concerns (i.e. I’m not just harrassing you for free support)?

  40. Jan Avatar

    I created an avatar a few moments ago and I love the fast activation!

  41. chm Avatar

    still not working for me. new G are not showing up.

  42. Ben-Inside Avatar

    I love it and I hate spammer.

  43. There once was a man from Nantucket Avatar
    There once was a man from Nantucket

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  44. Claudio Avatar

    My gravatar hasn’t been working since the day i suscribed and uploaded my pic. What’s wrong?

  45. llew Avatar

    How many of you whose gravatars aren’t working neglected to associate it with your email? (Like I did until the penny dropped).

  46. Susan Avatar

    My new gravatar pictures does not show up. There is no way to delete anything either.

  47. TwenFM Avatar


  48. Sasha Avatar


  49. StoiBär Avatar

    Ich find Gravatar cool !!!

  50. Tobie Langel Avatar

    The new Gravatar works seamlessly – bravo!

    Really looking forward to whatever’s coming next.

    Keep up the great job.

  51. herbert Avatar

    awesome !!!


  52. Ben Avatar

    Welcome back

  53. Antek88 Avatar

    Yeah! Welcome back 😀

  54. eburhan Avatar

    Thank you very much 🙂

  55. Amaury Avatar

    Awsome ! formidable

  56. r00t Avatar

    Ottimo lavoro!
    Great job!

  57. webs Avatar

    Yay! Welcome back :).

  58. George Avatar

    Congratulations on the relaunch! We’ve missed you.

  59. Michael G Avatar
    Michael G

    Congrats and welcome back.

  60. Tom Avatar

    Congrats ! Very great job !!!

  61. Florian Avatar

    Great! Thanks a lot Tom!

  62. Kaho Avatar

    Thanks a lot !! =)

  63. Pepino Avatar

    thx, it’s working now (also the gif-upload). Only my FF got a message, that the resizer doesn’t want to work in it…

  64. Chris Avatar

    Looks great! Thanks a lot!

  65. Daniel Avatar

    Great – nice feature!

  66. czaber Avatar

    Good job!

  67. S1ic3r Avatar

    It’s work fine! Thanks!

  68. Borghal Avatar

    Welcome back!

  69. Betty Avatar

    Awesome!!! Thanks!

  70. NikCee Avatar

    Congratulations on the relaunch..

    I do have a question about switching gravatars…how do I know the one I’ve chosen is accepted? I have two in my selection area and when I click on one, it’s just highlighted in red and i have no other options of what to do. Do I just log out?

  71. Mindy Avatar

    I’m having difficulty changing my avatar. I removed the old one but I can’t get the new one to appear.

  72. Mitron Avatar

    I can upload an avatar, but when I go to add it to my email address all I see is an error in the status bar using IE6 or IE7. When I return, the avatar still doesn’t appear next to the email. What gives? Does this only work with Firefox?

  73. ahdont Avatar

    i am glad that this is working again

  74. Epsilon Avatar

    Please, please, please, replace this image with a smoother one:

    Congrats anyway. 😀

  75. Katie Avatar

    Well, I was able to change my gravatar and add a new email to my account as far as the gravatar site is concerned, however, none of the changes are showing up anywhere else =\\

  76. yanoo Avatar

    I had upload my avatar, but I don’t see it on any weblog :/

  77. SwitchBL8 Avatar

    Works like a charm.

    Wish the free version had 2 e-mail-accounts and 1 Gravatar, instead of the other way around. Heck, can’t have it all.

  78. Suzan Avatar

    Yipiii! You’re back. Thanks for the good work.

  79. Amjad Mahfouz Avatar

    Great news guys, wish u the best

  80. mdsjack Avatar

    NICE! Working fine!

  81. Masey Avatar

    If it helps anyone, I published a step-by-step guide on how to get your own Gravatar on my Blog. I know most people will be able to get through the process all on their own with no troubles, but there’s always going to be some of your Blog readers out there who need to have their hands held in order to get set up. Hope it helps someone…

  82. Filipe Rocha Avatar

    Well well well… Welcome back. It’s KISS and I love KISS. Thank you

  83. Navjot Singh Avatar

    Congrats…Its Great to have you back. I was waiting for my own Gravatar for so long.

  84. Jonny Avatar

    My Gravatar doesn´t work? Where is the problem?

  85. Beta Avatar

    Rien encore.. affe!!

  86. Kolo Avatar

    Great! But i think 2 mail’s with 1 gravatar for each e-mail will be better coz many people have at least 2 mail’s, and just create a new account for each mail 😉

  87. Ferhat Avatar

    Gravatar’a kavuştuk mutlu mesut olduk..

  88. Duncan Borrowman Avatar

    My Gravatar isn’t appearing (check out http://www.libdemblogs.co.uk ) all looks OK here though

  89. ZappoMan Avatar

    Hmmm…. I love the idea of gravatar. I’ve been waiting for it to come back. I am very excited it is back. But alas it doesn’t appear to be working for me.

  90. b Avatar

    looks great! thank you! 🙂

  91. bgrier Avatar

    testing to see if my old gravatar still exists.

    Oh, and the site.gravatar.com is returning a 503 – Service Temporarily Unavailable currently.

  92. ia Avatar

    Will the WP Gravatars2 plugin still work? *Testing*

  93. David Avatar

    Great work! Got to love the web 2.0 functions!

  94. bubazoo Avatar


    I signed up for Gravatars Premium, and paid my $10, and now my account is GONE!!

    what in the HELL!!!?????

  95. Bon Avatar

    Service Temporarily Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    Not a great start…

  96. nez Avatar

    i’m not sure this is working. and since there is such great support here, i’m feeling the urge to pay you money.

    aside from that, i paid for my last account. i guess that doesnt carry over, eh?

    all in all, methinks gravatar needs a wee bit of competition! alas, i’m not in the Gravatar business, so i will limit my pressure to comments that will serve to do little more than briefly lower my blood pressure. okay. carry on.

  97. Cocoa Crusty Avatar

    I have been waiting for the 2.0 service to launch. It did, I enabled my Gravatar plugin on my blog, upgraded my Gravatar account to a premium account, and now the service is down. Oh well… I work in technology and understand that these things happen. I can imagine that with the recent launch of 2.0 the load on the server must be incredible.

    I hope you guys get it fixed soon. Good luck! I’ll be patiently waiting!

    Thanks for a great service!


  98. papa Avatar

    Thank you so much !

  99. steven Avatar

    I just changed my gravatar yesterday and two of my friends registered and uploaded their pics the day before. I checked their gravatar either by looking at their comments on my blog (gravatar supported and official plugin installed) or directly entering the URI in my browser but I only see default blue “G” icon for them and my avatar unchanged.

    I would like to know for how long we have to wait before our gravatars are updated. Is it due to cache settings on your server?

  100. test Avatar

    test my gravatar

  101. Sly Avatar

    I created my account several days ago, and my gravatar still doesn’t appear nowhere. Not on my own page, neither on this one, I just don’t know why it isn’t working.

    Someone know how to solve this.

    Thank you.

  102. leslee Avatar

    I uploaded my graphic (twice, actually) and it appears but when I go to select it, it vanishes! What’s up with that? I’m using Firefox. Any ideas? I keep trying it and the same thing happens.

  103. tamole Avatar

    Are the gravatars being cached or is there another reason why I can’t see my new gravatar?

  104. Kaminiko Avatar

    Great this works like a charm!

  105. Rob Avatar

    Excellent – I have been waiting an age to join in the fun

  106. Alice Avatar

    I cannot understand why my gravatar doesn’t work…

  107. martin Avatar

    salam bergabung

  108. Alan Avatar

    Only to check if my gravatar works? 😀

  109. Maykel Avatar

    I uploaded my new pic on gravatar 72 hours ago… it’s still the old one appearing.

  110. ringo Avatar

    Welcome back!

  111. marinz Avatar


  112. Brad Avatar

    This is only a test. Do not be alarmed.

  113. Erik J. Barzeski Avatar

    The cache seems to be entirely too aggressive. I replaced my gravatar yesterday and deleted the old one, yet the old one is still displaying.

    If the basic functions don’t work, there’s no way many people will ever consider paying for additional features.

  114. Ymode Avatar

    My account is not working right… everything is ok, but i have no gravatar in my blog comments.. help!

  115. jenda.69 Avatar

    Is there any alternetive of gravatar? I uploaded my avatar at Saturday evening and it still doesn’t work.

  116. ikebowen Avatar

    It is indeed unavailabre. Well said.

  117. Peter Dedecker Avatar

    I registered a gravatar just a few days ago. Before that, I posted my comments everywhere with capitals in the email address, so, as gravatar uses md5 hashes and modified my email address to remove the caps, my gravatar isn’t displayed at those previous comments. Can you fix this and replace my email address (or the hash) in your database with the address entered here? Thanks a lot.

  118. ImpatientlyHatingWaiting Avatar

    uh….yeah i am beginning to think gravatar was a figment of my imagination….

  119. No Avatar

    Test, Test

  120. Lapper Avatar

    Nice answer, Corrado. It seems to fit with the problem’s everyone’s having. If it matters at all, a ping on IRC yesterday revealed that Tom has not been active for 4 days and 20 hours, right around the time of this very posting. Perhaps he *did* die. In any case, he better have an equally good excuse should he ever come back here.

  121. Rogier Avatar

    I have problems getting a working Gravatar for my email adress.

  122. Ben M Avatar

    I agree with commenter NikCee. What’s to stop us from creating another free account with the different email address? Had high hopes for this service. Hopefully things get worked out quickly.

  123. Figment Avatar

    wow, true….i do hope he is alive. it would be really tragic if i didn’t have a fun little pic to go with my internet identity! seriously, i get a lump in my throat thinking about having just a plain name show.

  124. L'Orso Ciccione Avatar

    I agree with Gmartintin: I have a blog and Gravatar doesn’t work with 50% of my user.
    I asked to a couple of them to give me their password and even using my picture (which works) their Gravatars doesn’t work. This is NOT a problem of the plug-in I use because their gravatar doesn’t work with your php example code too.
    I’d like to give you some of the address which have the problem, but you don’t have any email for support or something.
    It could be great if you report something here about this thing, which is certainly a CRITICAL bug.

  125. Barbra Schroeder Avatar

    I’m testing my G again!

  126. Coming soon... new and improved... Oops... Avatar
    Coming soon… new and improved… Oops…

    Not to worry folks. Werner will soon launch a brand new set of apologies and promises. He’s very good at launching those – perhaps the best. Seriously, is everyone here so new to Gravatar, that they fail to see the hilarity in it all. I mean Tom Werner is the very definition of an internet tragedy.

  127. me Avatar

    test! hope this works!

  128. Mari Avatar

    Test! hope this works…

  129. Mr Gray Avatar
    Mr Gray

    Yay, thanks, this should be fantastic.

  130. no1 important Avatar
    no1 important


  131. Jonic Avatar

    There are a lot of pissed off customers here Tom… I hope you’re doing something about this…

    For those of you that are interested (Tom Werner in particular) I’ve written an entry about this ‘relaunch’ on my blog: http://www.100yen.co.uk/2007/02/22/dear-tom-werner/

  132. Torley Avatar

    YAYZERAMA! I’m so thrilled that Gravatar 2.0 is here. I was eagerly checking the blog, then trailed off for awhile, then arrived here today. Just peachy; or as I prefer, watermelony! I’ve just updated my gravatar at last and look forward to all the new joy that comes with my novel visual identity. Cheerio and great work, Tom and everyone else involved! =D

  133. arry Avatar

    i’m so glad to use Gravatar service.
    But i’v one big problem; I have wrongly brought OWN resource (www.zhinzher.ru) in abusing.

    Please unblock my site for your service!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thankful in advance!

  134. yeppers Avatar


  135. suleiman Avatar

    For some reason my image shows in the image uploader form on gravatar, but it does not show on here.

  136. Lemming Avatar

    same with my gravatar…. doesn’t work 😦


  137. hmmm Avatar

    Doesn’t work. Am I to wait?

  138. Alun Avatar

    Registered a few days ago and still not showing up 😦

  139. riza Avatar

    testing my avatar

  140. Tom Werner Avatar
    Tom Werner

    LAK, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Let me see what’s wrong and get back to you.

  141. dealbhadair Avatar

    Nothing… Man… This is getting depressing.
    Another long-time member of the ‘Blue G’ club!

  142. Kerr Avatar
  143. WD Milner Avatar

    Hmmm another nice idea on the trash pile? Just a test to see if the gravatar works here.

  144. Alis Avatar

    Re-testing my avatar…

  145. LAK Avatar

    I am seeing my gavatar only sporatically.

    Some people can’t see my gravitar at all. I can see it about 70% of the time, the other times it displays the blue Gravatar icon.

    Is this a known problem?

    Can anyone comment on this?

  146. timwizard Avatar

    I don’t think the old WordPress plugins for Gravatar are quite working properly for 2.0. Anyone know?

  147. Coming soon... Avatar
    Coming soon…


    Please accept my sincere apologies for being such an ass. I really don’t wish you any misfortune with Gravatar. I sometimes forget that real people exist on the other end of such rude and insensitive comments. It won’t happen again. Best of luck.

  148. Julie J. Avatar

    Just LOVE gravatar and how simple your site is to navigate.
    love love love gravatar! Great Job! =)

  149. Alaska Avatar

    Круто, вроде все работает

  150. Iktose Avatar

    great !! thx a lot !

  151. annieSF Avatar

    welcome back
    you’re rock

  152. yarden. Avatar

    the gravatar works really graet.

  153. Dennis Avatar

    Hey Tom,

    How do I get this thing to work? I’ve double and triple checked everything, but still no gravatar. Looks good when I log in.

    Looking at this list, seems like there are many default “gravatar” icons here. Is something malfunctioning?

  154. budda Avatar

    Trying to implement gravatars for my users but all accounts are just returning the default Gravatar image. Using the PHP code (there’s not much of it) from the implement section of the site.

    Shame it’s not working, as I wanted to promote it our users with the new relaunch of the site 🙂

  155. Dave Avatar

    Just testing.

  156. HeFi Avatar

    Wow! Thanks a lot!

  157. Chef Joey Avatar
    Chef Joey

    Yeah, Kirsten. Nice Blue G. Did you design it yourself?

  158. Jim Avatar

    I wonder if mine will work!

  159. Kip Avatar

    GRAVATARS2 WORDPRESS PLUGIN WORKS!!! http://zenpax.com/gravatars2/ Now, the gravatar.com service… well… it sometimes works great… sometimes not so great… usually it sometimes works for some people but often it does not always work for everyone or always works for nobody sometimes when other times it never works flawlessly for everyone for whom it sometimes always never works. Got it?

  160. Maya Avatar

    Just trying my new gravvie 😀

  161. TechZ Avatar

    Looks fantastic, and works great, good job!

  162. Pablo Avatar

    Probably it won’t work, trying all day to get it working 😦

  163. ahdssah Avatar

    works great AAHHAAHAAHAHA

  164. Crush Avatar

    Not working for my Haloscan account.

  165. FuuK Avatar
  166. Laura Avatar

    My gravatar is not showing. It was during the Beta testing, but I changed the image a couple of times with no problems, and now that I have the one I want it will not show. I know how to attach the image to my email and it is showing that it is, so I know that is not the problem. Can anybody help me?? Thanks!

  167. Armibus Avatar


  168. Kozakk Avatar


  169. h135246 Avatar

    ¡¡Buen trabajo!!

  170. mrsmogul Avatar

    How do I change my rating? I created a new gravatar but it’s not showing up with my email address in my comments section.

  171. Nobody Avatar

    Just testing

  172. Sahib Avatar

    Hi.Please is gravatar.com only for static avatars?Animated no?Thanks

  173. Vampriss Avatar

    Just testing to see if this thing works.

  174. Brian Avatar

    Testing out to see if it works. Sounds sweet.

  175. leo Avatar

    some testing too

  176. Jacqui Avatar

    Just Testing to see if this works, since it still shows my old gravatar :/

  177. Leevi Avatar
  178. chocolate Avatar

    oh… I’m surprised that so many gravatars aren’t working. I thought I’m the only one with this problem. I hope it get solved soon.

  179. SickofUpsidedownG Avatar

    woe is me

  180. Peter Avatar

    Yep, my gravatar doesn’t work either! What’s going on.

    Wollte mir doch nur ne neue Gravat(te) holen…. 😦

  181. Mladen Avatar

    stop highlighting now.

    The caching is not working well for me either. I started using Gravatars on my site but everyone that signs up, their Gravatar’s just stay as the blue block, even now 3-4 days later. I assume it’s a cachine issue?

    Also, maybe you should have a bug tracker or something as the real reports of bugs are getting lost in-between all the rude people on this blog.

  182. Lotta Avatar

    I´m having problems with my gravatar, the new one doesn´t show at all. I deleted my old and sometimes the old shows and on some blogs no gravatar shows. Strange…

  183. Michael Avatar

    Where is my Avartar?

  184. Doug Avatar
  185. Judi Avatar
  186. Mike Avatar

    If Tom is the only sole person doing this service, he has come along way. Now if he’s doing this service out of charity to give back to the community in part, don’t you all think that you should at least give him a chance to get this figured out? Financial obligations for a venture this huge maybe overwhelming to him at times or it could just be the stress everyone has been putting on him, who really knows except Tom. If you were all really the kind and considerate people out there, then feel free to chip in and give him a lending hand instead of bitching about it. Personally I run my own site and do everything on it myself. Its not easy when everyone wants a hand out for nothing. For those that have an issue in waiting until Tom gets everything resolved, feel free to put your avatar on the sites you visit manually. Then when Tom gets it all resolved, then you can remove your pic from all the sites if you wish and use Gravatar. I’m not sure but I think Tom had a donation box someplace on the site at one time or another. Pitch in!

  187. Kahless_GOA Avatar

    exactly, the Gravatar is a really great service, and doesnt come with some “Give your Money or this service will have no use for you” package. I really like this page and recommend it to most Internetusers I know. THX Tom

  188. Jason Avatar

    Thought I’d try a test. I think its a great idea.

  189. dawnh Avatar

    Help!Still not work!

  190. Angi Avatar

    Hm just testing…

  191. Kilian Siebel Avatar
    Kilian Siebel

    Not working..!

  192. Adam Schilling Avatar

    How long does it take for your gravatar to take effect? I’ve uploaded two avatars and assigned one of them to my e-mail address. However, it doesn’t appear to be displaying …

  193. Marc Avatar
  194. kelbot Avatar

    i choose to appreciate tom’s efforts….

  195. gui-san Avatar

    Yeah! Welcome back! 🙂

  196. Storm Avatar

    Of the first 20 comments here, only 4 do not display gravatars. Of the last 20 (not counting doubles), I see about 3 gravatars for 20 posts.

    To me this suggests that it simply takes a long time for all the newly registred gravatars to come through on the new system. It probably takes a lot of time to index or crawl or sort or cache or whatever is done to all these users.

    Since I have lived several years without them, I guess I can survive another week or two before I start panicing.

  197. Shack Dougall Avatar
    Shack Dougall


  198. 区区 Avatar


  199. Blue Haired Freak Avatar
    Blue Haired Freak

    Ok – so if new gravatars don’t seem to be working, how about an old gravatar associated with a new email address?

  200. Trancaties Avatar

    la polla me va a chupar todas vustras putas madre

  201. Mark Avatar

    I uploaded my avatar 3 days ago and it didn’t work… now it is working!

  202. Red Avatar

    I have some problem with my avatars too 😦 I have uploaded a new avatar some days ago but I still see the old image 😦
    In the same time a friend of mine have signed up but he is still unable to see his avatar…

  203. HRubesch Avatar

    Still not working

  204. InternetJunkie Avatar


  205. Armitag3 Avatar

    Just want to say love what your doing and keep up the good work!!
    and a small question:
    Will Gravatar ever support animated gifs?

  206. Eike Avatar

    another test

  207. Gwyneth Llewelyn Avatar

    Fantastic work, it seems to be working flawlessly for me. I was wondering about the “premium” account, which seemed to be a very easy way to financially support the Gravatar project. Where can I read more about it? Thanks in advance!

  208. grejf Avatar

    test :/ gravatar easy ? hmm

  209. Sabo Avatar

    Great new site and service, congrats!

    I think it has issues with IE7 (who is not having problems with IE7?), BUT it works with no problems in Firefox.

    I´m looking forward to see what new functions will have a premium account to decide over that if it worth buying it.

  210. […] muriendo… y esto no implica que Gravatar sea buen o mal servicio, de hecho hasta tenían funciones premium y quizás eso les permitía sobrevivir… pero cuando tu “emprendimiento” es una […]

  211. […] upgrade to the once funkily-working Gravatars was promptly released a few months after. I may have failed to write a follow-up post on it, but I did mention in the […]

  212. ditman Avatar

    Tesssting my gravatar 🙂

  213. ditman Avatar

    Doesn’t work lately! 😦

    Why?? 😦

  214. Sam Avatar

    Looking for my Gravatar (squint, squint)…no see it!

  215. tommy Avatar

    testing my gravatar… jee this takes a while.

  216. mido Avatar


  217. Anita McKay Avatar

    Does my gravatar work?

  218. olci Avatar

    i try to this vers.
    welcome again Gravatar 2 🙂

  219. Jo Vermeulen Avatar
    Jo Vermeulen

    The idea is nice, but my Gravatars don’t get displayed 😦 Just testing once again …

  220. Jo Vermeulen Avatar
    Jo Vermeulen

    Another test …

  221. Vicent Avatar

    Nice service!

  222. Serge Avatar

    Test. Pls ignore this comment. 🙂

  223. TT Avatar


  224. TT Avatar

    OK, it works on this site but not the blogs when I post a comment……..will be back shortly to see if its working now…..maybe it just the blog site..anyways I’ll be back

  225. teolcd Avatar


  226. jotabezeta Avatar


  227. Ched Avatar

    Gravatar worky?

  228. L.G. Avatar


  229. Sander Blauw Avatar
    Sander Blauw


  230. Henry Avatar

    Cool !
    Testing my gravatar

  231. Mark Avatar

    Just testing! 🙂

  232. tom Avatar

    just testing 🙂

  233. rommel Avatar

    Test gravatar

  234. Quirksmode Avatar

    I signed up and added my image, but my gravatar still wont show:-(

  235. mambi Avatar

    Just to test if my avatar is working…

  236. mambi Avatar

    it is!

  237. Calviin Avatar

    I thought it said ‘case insensitive’, weird..

  238. […] access the official Gravatar plugin created by Tom Werner, the creater of Gravatar. In Tom’s most recent blog post, he mentions they are working on a new version of this popular plugin, which will hopefully have […]

  239. Umurcan Avatar

    süper bi sistem bu gravatar sizi seviyoruz

  240. carlnunes Avatar

    how about a thread for testing gravatars?!

  241. […] only just noticed that Gravatar 2.0! is up and […]

  242. helmsb Avatar

    Pretty cool

  243. herb24 Avatar

    Ok! Gravatar erstellt. Nun will ich es aber auch mals sehen!

  244. Cihan Çağlar Çankaya Avatar

    Gravatar , is the best application.. 🙂

  245. […] only just noticed that Gravatar 2.0! is up and […]

  246. ECM Avatar

    Gravatar rocks

  247. akemaru Avatar

    Great News for hear!!!!

  248. kdev0gravatar Avatar

    looks good

  249. […] Gravatar yenilendi, 2.0 sürümüyle karşımızda! Artık ücretsiz olarak üye olup bir hesaba 2 avatar ekleyebiliyoruz, bir hesapta sınırsız […]

  250. Cherhan Avatar

    Hi there,

    Testing 1,2,3!

    The gravatar is awesome, love it!


  251. dwiananta20 Avatar

    test my gravatar

  252. andy Avatar

    very nice

  253. hummingbirdfire Avatar

    just testing..hello friends…I just blogged on another site but came up as annonymous…maybe I should have added my email so gravatar showed up?

  254. ysbeeridentitywebsitedeveloper Avatar

    I hope it works.

  255. ShaLgam Avatar

    I am looking my gravatar now! Good.. :}

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