Gravatar Beta Email Snafu (Fixed)

There was a bit of a problem (isn’t that what betas are for?) with the email sending facility that caused signups to fail. I’ve fixed the problem and it shouldn’t happen again. Sorry for the troubles, get back to those gravatars!





81 responses to “Gravatar Beta Email Snafu (Fixed)”

  1. monaxle Avatar

    Yay – it’s working now for me. Thanks Tom. Now I just have to make sense of the “simple” instructions for implementing this on my WP blog. If plugins are meant to assist the clueless then my brain has been been removed!

  2. Jowah Avatar

    I won’t mention the amazing speed increasing.
    Gravatar works just fine right now.
    My site and my wordpress are happy. Thank you♥

  3. Mai Avatar

    thanks for fixing the sign up problem…

    im really happy now…

    thank you very much..

  4. S1ic3r Avatar

    Now it seems to work ;). Thanks!

  5. Siu Ray Avatar

    Oh , I fixed my problem after I clicked “Remove the gravatar from this email address” then re-choose my new gravatar image. My site show up new gravatar image finally.

  6. JDH Avatar

    I’d really like to take part in the beta.

  7. kainita Avatar

    I received it, THANKS!!

  8. Kyle Korleski Avatar

    I wonder if my gravatar is fixed yet…

  9. Alistair MacDonald Avatar

    I have not receive my invitation for the beta. 😦

  10. Paws Avatar

    My confirmation mail didn’t arrive either :/

  11. Patrick Avatar

    Can’t get my activation to work, always getting a “Proxy Error”…

  12. Susanne Avatar

    I can’t upload a gravatar, this message ->

    Oh no! There was a problem!
    There was a problem creating your gravatar. We’ve logged the error and will look into it. Try uploading your gravatar again in a few minutes.

    Firfox and IE the same message! 😦

  13. mdsjack Avatar

    Quoting Susanne. Same error.

  14. Pendragon Avatar

    It’s worked really well so far:)

  15. Thomas Arie Avatar

    Works for me without problem. How many gravatar can be assigned to an email? Can we have something like: “You can upload up to X gravatar”? Or, is it unlimited? Thanks!

  16. suleiman Avatar

    Nope, I’m still not getting my mail..

  17. bubazoo Avatar

    This is a test to see if my avatar uploaded. Am having problems with the avatar uploader thingy, uploader from my computer won’t work at all, and over the internet, every image I try gives me a size too big error, 40×40 is bigger then 0x0 that will not fly, error. then, I press the back button on my browser, and hit cancel, the image shows up in my list, but the image is cropped. cuts off part of my head, still buggy yet. Good test run though 🙂

  18. Amkiel Avatar

    I don’t know how to “select a gravatar below to assign to this email address”. I’ve got the image available but I can’t link it to my email.

  19. Catherine Avatar

    Si, malto grazie, Signori!

    And Happy Valentine’s Day

  20. Kim Avatar

    Still not working right for me.

  21. gabrielle Avatar

    thanks it wouldnt work before

  22. Sefik Avatar

    😦 taky nedoslo

  23. Olivier Avatar

    Quoting Susanne too. Uploading from my hd won’t work!

  24. Michael G Avatar
    Michael G

    For those of you that have not received your invitations, if you’re using Gmail check your spam box, which is where mine ended up.

    I too am now having upload issues.

  25. Mindy Avatar

    My first comment disappeared.

  26. Maddum Avatar

    I have not receive invitation to this page 😦

  27. Dave Avatar

    Email went into gmail spam. Uploading from hard drive returned this error:

    Oh no! There was a problem!
    There was a problem creating your gravatar. We’ve logged the error and will look into it. Try uploading your gravatar again in a few minutes.

    IE 6.

  28. Alicia Avatar

    I found TWO problems:

    1.- The confirmation email for a new account was rated as Spam by Gmail.

    2.- The creation for a new gravatar always sent me an error if my image was already 80x80px or 400x400px, it only worked when I sent a 800×600 image, and it was cropped whith a little of blur.

  29. Curiosa Avatar

    I´m still waiting for my gravtar to show up when i write on blogs

  30. Sakke Avatar

    Cool this gravatar really works! Thumbs up…

  31. help Avatar

    I tried to change my gravatar, now it won’t add either one.

    Also, my new gravatar is way tamer than my old one…yet it gets X!!! The other got an R!!! What’s going on??

  32. Penta Avatar

    I’ve tried a few times with my email, and I’m still not receiving the invitation. It has no spam, and all mails come directly into my server, so I don’t know what could happen.
    I tried with a gmail account and I received it in spam, but I don’t use that mail. Any chance of fixing it?

  33. ANtonio Avatar

    Hey…there is a problem in the web that doesn’t allow me to select the specific gravatar for my email..thanxs

  34. Chiqui Avatar

    The Assign function doesn’t work with IE 7.0. Works fine in Firefox

  35. Norbert Avatar

    First of all: a really BIG thx to you!
    The “Upload from harddrive” issue still exists, but only if the image is smaller than 180x180px! For testing I created a 80×80 JPG picture and painted a white border with 50px width around it. Upload and crop is fine in IE7 and Firefox
    Once again: great work!

  36. Nick Avatar

    Awesome! Works great! I’ve got my gravatar showing up on my site as well as my visitors. Thanks!

  37. theUg Avatar

    Yea, I don’t get the mail either. Since I couldn’t change the e-mail address on my old GRAvatar, I tried to reg for the new one, but I cannot. I tried «forgotten password» form with no luck as well.

  38. jennifer Avatar

    Thank you, Tom, for getting Gravatar back up and running. I am having a problem uploading and/or displaying animated GIFs. This one shows as movable in my Gravatar reserve, however, on blogs, he is stationary. Another one I uploaded does not even show the animation. Is this a temporary situation? They worked in the past. Thanks again.

  39. alex Avatar

    why wont my avatar show up as assigned to my email address?

  40. sly Avatar

    crop tool is really kool.

  41. nauj Avatar

    Estoy probando el Gravatar. =)

  42. Beta Avatar


  43. Suburban Mum Avatar
    Suburban Mum

    Could only assign the gravatar to the email address in Firefox, not IE7, but now it’s done. Thanks!

  44. roderic Avatar

    just to know if my gravatar works…

  45. Daniel Avatar

    My Gravatar works – maybe?

  46. Michael Avatar

    Not sure if mine is working either?

  47. Corrado Avatar

    No gravatar here; signup looks to be working just fine, but no gravatar image anywhere. 😦

  48. Dru Avatar

    Hello I submitted my payment for the premimum service but still cannot access that???
    that ??

    Thanks, Dru

  49. Don Avatar

    Great job on the new site, Tom. Finally, an end to the frustrations!

    Nice work!

  50. Letícia Avatar

    Test my gravatar !

  51. Lily Avatar

    I agree, signup, cropping and confirmation all work fine, but avatar doesn’t show up.

  52. mario Avatar

    why my avatar not showing?

  53. Dennis Avatar

    Hey Tom,

    Here is what the website has to say about our non-working gravatars…

    @DENNIS and BV

    you can see that your gravatar isn’t working by going to this link:

    that is the link for the email address you use. So either you don’t have a gravatar setup correctly on their website, or its a problem on their end. nothing that I can do.


    same thing with you dude. here is your link

    nothing comes back but the generic icon

  54. Kip Avatar


    Now, the service… well… it sometimes works.

  55. ashton2 Avatar


  56. kiNg Avatar


  57. kx Avatar

    Let’s see if it works…

  58. Sir Henry Casingbroke Avatar
    Sir Henry Casingbroke


  59. Utom Avatar

    My gravatar!

  60. Dunlop Avatar

    I hope everything works now

  61. LifEndz Avatar


  62. lee Avatar

    test 1

  63. xyz Avatar


  64. Rude Avatar
  65. gailv Avatar


  66. Sad Avatar

    Fix didn’t work for me.

  67. andy Avatar

    thanks, honey!

  68. hanzo Avatar

    sorry to be bugging… but I still get the same problem.
    won’t let me register… tried different browsers, different email adresses… different times of the day…

    Application error
    Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html

  69. PabloEsc Avatar

    Testing 1,2,3 🙂

  70. m3rma1d Avatar

    I just tried to (finally) register… I’m all sad ‘cos I got this message:

    Application error Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html

  71. Russell Avatar

    Is mine working?

  72. Jac Avatar


  73. David Avatar

    Testing mine too

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