Gravatar 2.0 to Launch Feb 15

That’s right, I’ve finally set a solid date. The semi-private beta will open (for anyone who has left a comment on this blog) sometime this weekend. That’ll give a few days for any last minute fixes and then it’s prime time! I know the wait has been long, but I think you’ll find it worthwhile, and it will allow me to grow Gravatar in new and exciting directions. Once again, thanks for your support and patience!





211 responses to “Gravatar 2.0 to Launch Feb 15”

  1. Ron Avatar

    This is great news. I know the wait will have been worth it and I can’t hardly wait to see the new Gravatar.

  2. Erica Avatar

    Oh, goodie…because I have been absolutely dying to get me a gravatar.

    Looking forward.

  3. leavic Avatar

    It’s really a great news.
    One more thing,Feb 18th is the chinese new year.
    Happy New Year EveryOne!

  4. Betty Avatar

    Fantastic news!!! I’m so very excited to see what awaits for Gravatar. 🙂

  5. wayne Avatar

    Greate! It will be better if u can launch it at valentine’s day 🙂

  6. Mike Avatar

    Awesome! I can’t wait to change mine, as well as see what sorts of new things await.

    The place looks great! 😀

  7. Louis Avatar

    Sounds good, I can’t wait 🙂

  8. Paul Avatar

    Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck for Version 2.0

  9. Charles Jolley Avatar

    Can’t wait to try your new service! We love using it at Mailroom.

  10. Chris Avatar

    As everyone else has said…I can hardly wait for the new version.

  11. Borghal Avatar

    Bests of news! good luck with the prime time! I, as everybody else, will be waiting!

  12. BluecitY Avatar

    I can‘t wait for the new version.

  13. henrie Avatar

    love it!
    cant wait for the new version

  14. Paco Avatar

    That’s awesome! Congrads

  15. Martin Avatar

    Great news… can’t wait to see the new gravatar…

  16. terronista Avatar
  17. Tarellel Avatar

    Wow, great work. I can’t wait to see the new and upcoming version of gravatar.

  18. Reyson Avatar

    Cool!! ^^ great job!! 😀

  19. Ficho Avatar

    Ey! Genia, pronto estará de regreso el servicio, ya hacía falta… Saludos…

  20. czara Avatar

    Great news. I’m waiting for a new gravatar 🙂

  21. Marcus Avatar

    Good News! I Enjoy using Gravatar! Thank’s for such a good idea and site!

  22. Gonzague Avatar

    Yeah 🙂 We miss Gravatar !!

  23. Diago Avatar

    Awesome news, just got into Gravatar when it closed 😦

  24. Giulia Avatar

    Very good news! 😀

  25. TheEfrit Avatar

    Counting the seconds…

  26. Matt Avatar

    I absolutely can’t wait!
    I’m expecting great things from Grav2.0

  27. Blui Avatar

    Hey, cool. Great News 🙂

  28. Kilian Siebel Avatar
    Kilian Siebel

    Great! Very nice news

  29. Kyle Korleski Avatar

    I am so glad to hear this. ^_^

  30. Petar Marić Avatar

    Can I have a peek?

  31. hangy Avatar

    Sounds nice, can’t wait to implement them to my blog. 🙂

  32. theddy Avatar

    My blog is “Gravatar-Ready” a long time – great when it will be available again.

  33. tin Avatar

    Thanks for the good news!

  34. Elaine Marley Avatar

    Great news! I can’t wait dor the happy day!

  35. Le Tigre Avatar

    At last, I’m revamping my blog and need this feature on it!

  36. Bia Avatar

    Wonderful news! 🙂

  37. Sascha Avatar

    Awesome! Appriciate that!

  38. javier Avatar

    good news! 🙂 congratulations from Spain,

  39. Tarje Avatar

    Great, looking forward to playing with Gravitar 2.0!

  40. Joe Aston Avatar

    Fantastic News! Just in time for me re-launching my website!

    I’d love to help out in any way I can; just email me about what I can do to help.

  41. Mai Avatar

    wow! really? finally! woot.. woot! im already excited…
    im really looking forward to this…

  42. Macrike Avatar

    I can’t belive it! I’m building my blog, and set my date for 15th, installed gravatrs on my WordPress and decided to come around to see if it was open yet, and you set the date to 15th aswell!!! hahahahaTaht’s such a coincidence.

    Woo, I can’t wait until it’s up and running!! Good job.

  43. Mischi Avatar

    Yay finally! 😀

  44. Rabbit Avatar

    Good news =:)

  45. pixelchamp Avatar

    yay finally =D im looking forward to it…

  46. Kelli Avatar

    Cool! I’ve been waiting!

  47. Philizz Avatar

    Ah great valentines gift, new gravatars 😀

  48. shaymaa Avatar

    Looking forward to it!

  49. yoshi Avatar

    I can’t wait! I guess as a programmer, I have to ask if this will change how we get gravatars for various plugins and extensions?

  50. Marco Avatar

    That’s a good news 🙂

  51. mibrt Avatar


  52. Régis Freyd Avatar

    Can’t wait to see your work, man! I already know you’ve done a great job 😉

  53. The-RockeR Avatar

    when will be open for all people?

  54. nabi Avatar
  55. xalportadorx Avatar

    can’t wait! xD!

  56. bubazoo Avatar

    Awesome man! 🙂

  57. Felipe Avatar

    That’s awesome!!

  58. Fabien Avatar

    Would be a pleasure to join the beta.


  59. Bachi Avatar

    I wanna try this new version of Gravatar!

  60. heather Avatar

    Is it too late to get in on the beta? I can’t wait until you’re back up and running.

  61. badillo Avatar

    great a good birthday gift

  62. Derek Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to implement this on my blog. Glad to hear its getting back up soon!

  63. Atomic1fire Avatar

    Sounds interesting

  64. Alessandro Martins Avatar

    So, we are very close to use! 🙂

    I can’t await! I think that will be a great for us!


  65. Lukasz Wiecek Avatar
  66. 8 Avatar

    Wating to see it in action 😉

  67. Sphinx7 Avatar

    Cannot wait to see what is in store for Gravatar!


  68. william Avatar


  69. Asa Avatar

    Good news!
    I’ve been waiting for this for a while and can’t wait to sign up.

  70. Rick Martinez Avatar

    Can’t wait! 😀

  71. Patrick Avatar

    Ooh! I can’t wait!

  72. cat Avatar

    I am VERY excited about this! I miss all the Gravatar-ness that was out there. I think this service/site is awesome. Thanks for keeping it up to date and working to make it even better!!

  73. Brett Taylor Avatar

    I won’t complain if I was in the beta for my birthday 🙂

  74. Gregory Avatar

    Fantastic! I can’t wait. Hope you’ll include me in that beta! 😉

  75. oscar Avatar

    That’s great i’ve never used gravatar before, because when i found out about it it was under construction, i hope i get to try it know.

    Good luck with everything.

  76. karen Avatar

    Nice! We are all excited!

  77. Ian McKellar Avatar

    I’d love to give it a try!

  78. Ian Avatar

    Yay. I am looking forward to making sure it works on my blog.

  79. Amaury Avatar

    suis super impatient !

  80. Gary LaPointe Avatar

    Can’t wait, I’ve been wanting to encourage non-Gravatar-ers to get on-board but there isn’t anything to get onto, yet.

    4am Sunday, patiently waiting for the beta….

  81. Tricia Avatar

    Great! I’ve been missing my gravatar images! Please include me in the beta!

  82. Daniel Avatar

    Ah man finally, it seems like I’ve been waiting forever.

  83. Bouchy Avatar

    Oh, super! I can´t wait, I can´t wait!!! 😀

  84. Pawka Avatar

    Great! I can’t wait 🙂

  85. gus Avatar

    Great news. I’ve been waiting

  86. Ralph Dagza Avatar

    This would be a nice valentines gift for my GF

  87. James Avatar

    Dang, I really need a gravatar! Hope I’m not too late!

  88. Jenny Avatar

    Ah, looking forward to see the new version! It’s so nice of you to offer this service! 🙂

  89. Danna Avatar

    that’s awesome news! 😀
    i’m really excited to use/see it again! 😉

  90. Kretzschmar Avatar

    That is amazing. I can’t wait to change my gravatar. Since five month I try to register my new email.

  91. Rev.Cindi Avatar

    Wahoo! I’ve been waiting. Good to know there’s a set date!

  92. Christian Avatar

    I’m happy to see it coming!

  93. Corinne Avatar

    Finally! This is great. I’m happy to see the horizon.

  94. Cescoo Avatar

    ok!! GREAT NEWS!!!!

  95. Marlee Avatar

    Yay!! I have been wanting to update my email and avatar!! Can’t wait to see the new digs too 😀

  96. jason Avatar

    Can’t wait.

  97. Ola Avatar

    fantaasticc newss !!! cant wait …. 🙂

  98. Pierre MOYSAN Avatar

    OK, I keep waiting, hoping it will not be too long ;O)

  99. Miroslav Jahoda Avatar

    Good news. I’ve been waiting…

  100. Scott Goldblatt Avatar

    It is exciting to see that we are just around the corner from the comeback!

  101. tweety Avatar

    I am eagerly awaiting for the day! Thank you for your hard work.

  102. Headstrong Avatar

    excellent, I want my gravatar for my profile at

  103. fez Avatar

    i love this time!

  104. Helena Avatar

    Yeah, can’t wait! 😀

  105. AntBee Avatar

    This is great news! Hooray!!!

  106. tobias Avatar

    where fun that i will come upp. i have whate fore a long time.

  107. JPM Avatar

    Countdown… 4 days… 3 days…

  108. mBoszko Avatar

    Awesome. I can’t wait to feature this on an episode of HowTube.

  109. Ramsy Avatar

    Cheers! Great news! Been waiting for a while!

  110. DJohnny Avatar

    That’s great news! I’m look forward to 15 February 2007.

  111. Jeanviet Avatar

    I want to be on the firsts

  112. Mike Mondragon Avatar

    I’ve been checking the site for the latest news since December … hook me up with a firsties v2.0 account!

  113. tentirujo Avatar

    looking forward 😉

  114. Claire Avatar

    Like everyone else, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Gravatar – Now counting down the days! 🙂

  115. Amkiel Avatar

    I would appreciate to test the newest Gravatar.

  116. Dnesten Avatar

    great, can’t wait!

  117. Tany Avatar

    Yay! Go Gravatar 2.0!! 🙂

  118. Nan Avatar

    I am very excited too! Good Job!

  119. ahdont Avatar

    go gravatar v2.0!

  120. Viviane Avatar

    That’s great. I’d love to be able to update my Gravatar finally.

  121. Always On Watch Avatar

    Hooray! I switched to Haloscan comments and need to add my avatar.

  122. Mark Avatar

    I’m wondering how i can get that nice avatars on my site so i look everyday to this site 😉

  123. Kellie Avatar

    This is great news! I’ve been waiting for this, looking forward to it! ~

  124. Ilias Avatar

    Fantastic news ! 3 days more to count !

  125. LinuxHero Avatar

    Cool! just lunch the new version!!! i can wait!

  126. AnotherUsername Avatar

    Great news, can’t wait for the new gravatar!!

  127. allose Avatar


  128. dobisskill Avatar

    great news! cant wait!

  129. Ilya Lichtenstein Avatar
    Ilya Lichtenstein

    Very cool! I can’t wait.

  130. Joseph Pisano Avatar


    I’m leaving a comment so I can get the beta of gravatar!!! Thanks,

    Joe Pisano

  131. SupremeRuler Avatar

    I was in the process of slowly morphing my Gravatar and got stuck in mid-morph. I’m thrilled to know I’ll be able to change it soon. Thanks.

  132. Melissa Avatar

    YES! I can’t wait for the semi-private beta to begin! Good luck!

  133. Werner Piana Avatar

    Hi! It´s been 2 years I´m trying to get my avatar. For sure I´m not a lucky guy since at every attempt the site was out.

    Well, I´m here again. Waiting!

    Thanks in advance.

  134. @lun Avatar

    Great! So any idea when Gravatar will be out of beta?

  135. ammar Avatar

    hey, can’t wait!! =)

  136. Eole Avatar

    Can’t wait! I’ts been so long but you did a great job!

  137. elvin Avatar

    can’t wait!!! 😉

  138. L'Orso Ciccione Avatar

    Was about time! I hope to can finally get my gravatar!

  139. Thomas Avatar

    Awesome !

  140. ced Avatar

    great news!!!

  141. Astorg Avatar

    At long last! Have been waiting for this for so long!!!!

  142. jordi Avatar

    Great news! thank you for your work!

  143. jordgumman Avatar

    Oh, finally! 😀

  144. Caspar Avatar

    Great idea! I’ll try it out as soon as it is live. Good luck!

  145. loige Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the new release!!! :O

  146. Aeon Avatar

    Great News, I’am waiting so long to get one. I hope it’s not to late to become a open beta tester.

  147. Dentharg Avatar

    Shees.. I’ll grind my teeth waitin’!

  148. Chad Lapa Avatar

    This is great. Thanks for all the hard work and effort everyone!

  149. Nenillo Avatar

    Thanks for your effort!

  150. Alis Avatar

    Good! Can’t wait the opening!

  151. Manel Avatar

    I wait for it…

  152. rhClaus Avatar

    Keep going!

  153. Sefik Avatar

    yea 🙂

  154. tw Avatar

    Mmmm… the waiting is soon over… great 🙂

  155. Sid Avatar

    I’ m ready for the new version 😉
    of course i’m the perfect beta tester 😉

  156. Z-LiM Avatar

    I am excited to test this new feature.
    And of course I would be glad to test the beta version… 😉

  157. Kai Avatar

    great news….

  158. evilgac Avatar


  159. Luin Avatar

    Wooooaaaaah new Gravatar! ::bounce, kick::

  160. FrantiC Avatar

    Great I´ll be waiting for it!!! 😀

  161. Leviathan Avatar

    Great news, and Great job..

  162. Joey Esquivel Avatar

    Well worth the wait! 🙂 I love it already!

  163. pricolatino Avatar

    WOOHOO!!! I have like 300 avatars waiting, lol.

  164. Doufer Avatar


    I can’t wait!

  165. Caleb Avatar

    So much anticipation!

  166. vanina Avatar

    This is great news and i think i’ll be worth the wait!!!! THANK YOU for all the work done!!!♥

  167. Cocoa Crusty Avatar

    Great news! I have been watching the blog and have just put up a new blog at that I am going to use the Gravatar’s on.

    I’m ready! Thank you for your hard work and the service you provide.


  168. Jake Avatar

    Awesome, can’t wait to try out this service.

  169. Travis Seitler Avatar

    Don’t mean to bug ya but… and updates? I haven’t gotten an e-mail for the beta yet, so I wanted to see if they were sent out yet (my spam filter might be too picky)!

    ::so excited::

  170. Pan Avatar

    Hehehehehe, finally! 😉

  171. Masey Avatar

    I have been patiently waiting to integrate Gravatars into my new Blog design I launched last December! I’d love to get a Beta invite if possible!

  172. katychan Avatar

    Great! I’d like to be in!

  173. Andy Avatar

    I’m excited to see what the future holds for Gravatar. Bring it on!

  174. zombie Avatar

    I can’t wait to try.

  175. kermit Avatar

    I can’t wait. Thank you and let’s see what tomorrow brings!

  176. Marston Avatar

    Can’t wait!

  177. Lee Avatar

    Missed out on v1, so want to try this out.

  178. Dale Avatar

    Can’t wait the opening! Hope you’ll include me in that beta !!!!

  179. Celia Avatar

    Great!!! I’ve been waiting…:)

  180. Kelly Avatar

    Awesome. It has been a long wait.

  181. Ushiwa Itashi Avatar

    Nice, I was waiting since a long time …

  182. Matthew Krivanek Avatar

    Can’t wait for v2. I’ll be happy to beta test for ya!


  183. gina Avatar

    great work! what a torture to sit and wait 😉

  184. Ike Avatar

    I was wondering when the magic would return!

  185. Nick Young Avatar

    Is it to late to leave a comment to get in on the 2.0 beta?

  186. luca Avatar

    and finally it’s the 15 feb!

  187. dr Avatar

    can’t wait…

  188. shelly Avatar

    And it’s now February 15…almost February 16 in my neck of the woods. What’s going on?

  189. Lubos Motl Avatar

    Testing whether it appears here… on my haloscan comments, they don’t appear.

  190. Juan Martinez Avatar
    Juan Martinez

    good. I think gravitar is a kind of blog.
    A la tierra del mundo.

  191. gutielua Avatar

    Gravatar Rocks!

  192. mario Avatar

    i hate this,.

  193. nE Avatar

    no entiendo, como hago para ver mi avatar?

  194. Rubén Avatar

    Que buenoooooooooo!!!!!!

  195. rainer Avatar

    does not work for me either…

  196. xoacas Avatar


  197. saurabh.sauron Avatar

    at last…i have been waiting for this for eternity…

  198. Gwyneth Llewelyn Avatar

    Thank you for the final date! I’ve been a strong supporter of Gravatar since I saw how easy it is to incorporate it into WordPress blogs, and was starting to implement one of the many plugins that allow its incorporation into phpBB boards, when sadly Gravatar was getting prepared to launch version 2.0. It would hardly make sense to promote it while the site was down 🙂 But… I’m pretty sure the long wait will be worth it!!

    Thank you as well for keeping the existing Gravatars fully functional during this period, I was a bit worried that this suddenly stopped working! Well, it never did. Excellent decision 🙂

    Also, I hope you’ll allow people to donate a bit of cash to keep the servers running happily once Gravatar 2.0 comes out…

    Good luck with the “Upgrade” and the testing!

  199. Lefebvre Avatar

    Yes! Its about time, man!

  200. marketswimmer Avatar

    I just created a gavatar, let me try.

  201. David Gravereaux Avatar
    David Gravereaux

    A great service, tnks.

  202. Javier Avatar

    It is cool! thank you very much Matt!!!

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