Gravatar Gets Around

Since our last update, we’ve spotted a number of implementations of Gravatar around the web that we think are pretty neat. Here are a couple of them:

  • MailChimp now supports Gravatar, loading them up as part of the member profile for any subscribers who belong to mailing lists you manage.
  • Yoav emailed to let us know about Gravatar.NET, a package for .NET developers who want to make full use of the XML-RPC API to manage their images remotely. He is using his library on, and has a tutorial about working with the XML-RPC API on his personal site.
  • Rapportive is a very cool browser plugin that modifies your GMail screen so that you can see some information about the contacts you’re conversing with. It aggregates data from all over the place, including images and profile data from Gravatar.
  • We’ve also heard a few whispers from folks who are playing with the new profile data and how that can be used in other applications as well — more on that in the future!

We really love seeing Gravatar pop up in new and different ways, so if you’ve heard of or seen any others, please let us know in the comments.

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19 responses to “Gravatar Gets Around”

  1. Artur Avatar

    Sure gravatar is used. Because it’s simple to change the avatar and on all sites, which use an gravatar the avatar switches. It’s more easier, than editing it on each site.

    I also use gravatar for my newssytem :3


  2. Viki Avatar

    This is an exiting development. Looking forward to see a more wide usage of the Gravatar on the web, beyond WordPress.

    It has the potential to become one’s ID/Business card on the Internet.
    Keep up the good work guys!


  3. Dogsbody Avatar

    I have integrated Gravatar into the registration system for our charity rollerskating race (now the largest skating race in the UK).

    Each racer gets a private racer page where they enter their details so it was very easy to integrate Gravatar and send them over to you to add or change their picture.

    P.S. It would be great to have a URL where I to pass the email address to you, if the user has an account then it prompts them to login, if not then it prompts them to sign up 🙂


    1. Beau Lebens Avatar

      Really cool hover effect for enlarging the images, I love it!

      Your idea about triggering a login/signup is very similar to something I’ve got planned, but haven’t implemented yet 😉 I’ll be sure to post about it here on the blog when it’s available!


  4. Luciano Avatar

    Someone is implementing gravatar usage in Google Wave robot. It may be another interesting case for that list. Read the wave discussing it here:


    1. ileaneb Avatar

      Luciano, Are you going to stop working on the Wave plugin you were developing now that Google is shutting down Wave. I hope you have something else in the works, keep me posted.


  5. Hikari Avatar

    Even WordPress is being enhanced over Gravatar 🙂

    Hikari Unicornified Gravatars


  6. Tinh Avatar

    I am happy as MailChip supports gravatar too. Thanks


  7. ileaneb Avatar

    This is great news. I love the way Gravatar is gaining acceptance. Do you have a list of all the services that use Gravatar? I can use it to help convince new comers to sign up.



  8. Tom Horn Avatar

    I use Gravatar for my collaborative World War Two Timeline project:

    You guys rock!


  9. Moira Smith Avatar
    Moira Smith

    It was so easy to set up. I previously thought I’d have to reduce my pic to the required no of pixels x pixels, and found it was too hard to do that with my software and get a decent image. And I love the way it’s retrospective (ie when I look at past comments I’ve posted on the web, my pic is there, and looks great IMHO).


  10. skierpage Avatar

    ( has no feedback link!)

    I registered a gravatar thingy as part of WordPress signup, and although it went smoothly I’m disappointed that I can’t include my OpenID in “Verified Services”. An OpenID on one’s own domain should be the primary way people confirm their identity, not a truckload of dumb social sites.


  11. Phil Willoughby Avatar
    Phil Willoughby

    I maintain the Gravatars Plugin for OS X address-book. Unfortunately the link on the gravatar site is wrong. It should be


  12. jlong64 Avatar

    Big fan of Gravatar, I love the profile stuff! I’m using it now for my blog, it’s great.

    There is one issue I have with embedding profile information into a page. If you try to load profile information for a user who doesn’t have a Gravatar account, the server will respond with a 404. It would be nice if there was a feature (like the “d” parameter for avatars) to specify a “default” callback when no profile exists so developers can handle this case.


    1. Beau Lebens Avatar

      That’s a great idea, although if you’re requesting the JSON version, you should be able to just detect the 404 and handle that in your single callback. We’ll see if there’s a better way we could handle that.


  13. teliatko Avatar

    Please, I have a question? Is there any list of platforms and internet sites where I can use Gravatar? I think this will be very helpful for new users. I don’t mind to cover all available services, but common/big ones.


    1. Beau Lebens! Avatar

      We don’t have a list in a single place, but that’s a neat idea. I’ll see if we can start collecting sites and put them all together somewhere.


  14. Kyle Clouse Avatar

    It shocks me how many people are not using Gravatar to upload an image. If you are going to take the time to comment on blogs then you need to take the time to add a face to those comments.


  15. jsebean Avatar

    phpBB, the most widly use bulletin board software has a Gravatar plugin that can be installed very easily with AutoMod (the plugin installer for phpBB), and, according to Area51 of phpBB, if I’m not mistake, the upcoming release of phpBB version 3.1 will have gravatar support built in by default. I run a phpBB board at and it supports gravatar, recently added today 😀