New Gravatar Algorithm?

I’m personally a big fan of StackOverflow, so I was excited to see them implement Gravatars for all of their users a while back. Now they’ve gone and done something even more amazing — temporarily replaced their Gravatars with UNICORNS! Read their full post for some details on the implementation, but basically it works like our Identicon, Wavatar and Monsterid default choices, generating a unique avatar based on your email address.

They even have their unicorn-generating-drop-in-Gravatar-replacement service online for everyone to try out. Here’s mine!

Maybe we should talk to the folks over there about this being a new default option on

Happy April Fool’s everyone 😉

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11 responses to “New Gravatar Algorithm?”

  1. Rod Edwards Avatar

    That’s golden – nice work, SO.


  2. Otto Avatar


    I couldn’t resist turning it into a WordPress plugin:


    1. The Frosty Avatar
      The Frosty



  3. Travis Avatar

    this is way too cool to be an april fool’s joke. really, serious business. you shouldn’t be joking around about unicorns.


  4. JhezeR Avatar

    Xixixi… 🙂 april fools, unicorn…nice pic


  5. balpha Avatar

    In an act of shameless self-plugging I have to to mention that Unicornify isn’t a Stack Overflow project, but was created by me. Stack Overflow just took over the billing to make sure there’s no unicorn shortage halfway through the day because of depleted App Engine resources.

    Then again, SO having unicorns on April 1st obviously did a lot for Unicornify’s publicity, so it’s awesome that they did it.

    And I’m glad that you like them, too 🙂


  6. dlhwjh Avatar

    like the unicorn very cool


  7. Arkapravo Avatar

    On April 01, opening my stackoverflow page ….. I thought some idiot has hacked it ! ….only to realise the obvious in the next 2-3 minutes …


  8. Hikari Avatar

    I developed a plugin for uniconifying, it uses Gravatar when it’s registered, unicornify when email doesn’t have it, and random unicorns for anonymous commenters 😀


  9. Nico Avatar

    LOL. Such a cute idea… I think I’m going to start using some of these plugins on my website.