A new look for Gravatar.com

August 21, 2009 | Posted by Demitrious Kelly

A few days ago we released an updated look for Gravatar.com.  We really felt that the old front page was cramped, stuffy, and heavy.  So we worked hard to lighten it up, make it more immediately informative, and gave everything a little more room to breathe.  Playing a starring role on the new front page is our introduction video (which I like to call Gravatar, the Motion Picture.) Anyhow this is just a small update from Gravatar-land.  We hope you’ll enjoy the new look while we cook up some cool stuff for you in the future.


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  1. Tschai says:

    Looks clean and fresh…hope Gravatars become the standard, one day…someday 😉

  2. Lutvi Avandi says:

    Cool…!! It is fast loading and good looking

  3. Frank says:

    Big improvement, well done!
    I’m with Tschai, gravatars should become the standard.

  4. Zoro says:

    I got really light. A new fresh look, loving it.

  5. For me looks much, much better now!

  6. Tom Parsons says:

    Its nice to see Gravatars becoming the norm among most blogs and its good to see continuous work being done to improve Gravatars further. Keep it up!

  7. dayonic says:

    Looking good 🙂
    Shame it still uses the squished font x_x

  8. Seba says:

    The new home is beautiful.
    A small observation. The dropdown Help menu is covered by the
    “quick overview” flash movie (need a transparent background?).

  9. danscottlive says:

    Wow! A fresh look and easy to navigate. Way to go!

  10. Tinh says:

    I looks like WordPress new design, I love this one rather than the old design.

  11. Typhoon says:

    Ya The page is better than earlier but I think it needs some work done around the font.

  12. nice…… thats a good idea

  13. New homepage is really superb.
    Add some more features on Gravavtars also.

  14. robb says:

    this might be OOT, but why gravatar is not a standard yet ?
    it looks cool, practical, and most of all, useful.

  15. RecycleCindy says:

    The new look is nice. Very clean and the colors are pleasant. Keep up the great work!

  16. > A small observation. The dropdown Help menu is covered by the
    > “quick overview” flash movie (need a transparent background?)

    That or bad code:

  17. dan djorgi says:

    Looks good!
    The introduction video is nice too!

  18. Stanley says:

    cool! really flash look! i love it!

  19. uncleboob says:

    I like the video the most. Good work to everybody.

  20. Hesham says:

    Thanks for sharing, it looks great, better than before!

  21. pamelaknits says:

    I am preparing in the near future to move from wordpress.com to my own WordPress domain. I went into my gravatar account to see where or if I need to make any changes so it all links to my domain. I could not find anywhere for such.
    Is there a need or will my gravatar automatically follow me??
    If not please tell me what I need to do.
    Thank you very much, pamelaknits

  22. seosnippets says:

    The new page is certainly working or you… it’s great!

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  24. Smart Boy says:

    I like it. Easy and simple to find the pertinent information needed.

  25. Your new look feels right…

  26. […] polega ten serwis, chociażby dla osób nie znających go tak dobrze. Kilka dni temu miała miejsce publikacja nowej, odświeżonej strony Gravatar.com, także myślę, że jest to dobra okazja na małe […]

  27. kendra12 says:

    yea the new look is def. good for gravatar. way to go!

  28. I’m glad there are some improvement when I join 🙂 keep it up

  29. kermonk says:

    Now if only you assholes allowed us to stop and delete our account, instead of amorally denying us this basic human right.

  30. bfischerb says:

    As a newbee I have never seen the old version, but I like the new one. Nice design and good introduction, especially the video.

  31. solreka says:

    Nice, clean design, It does what it says on the tin. Great job. Gravatar rocks

  32. jacubar says:

    works nice

  33. mosne says:

    Nice and clean! I love the video! Did you consider to develop a mobile version too? the cropping step doesn’t work proprerly 😦

  34. Wish you guys would add a bgcolor parameter for the identicons… The white looks awful on dark sites.

  35. Mike says:

    Avatar site need a translate for some lanuguage

  36. ollie says:

    You might like these: http://retroavatar.appspot.com/

    P.s. @apokalyptik: Sorry found no other way to contact

  37. joker400 says:

    Cool…!! and fast loading

  38. unused says:

    Why is this based on WordPress.com accounts? I’ve spent the whole evening trying to get rid of some old account associated with my email address, but WordPress.com is totally defect: changing the email associated with an account does not make the site forget the old email. Not even when waiting 4 hours hoping some cache clears. WP thinks I’m logged in (as does this site, apparently), but accessing Edit Profile still sends me to the WP login page. Entering the right password just gives me the login page again (albeit without the “wrong password” box). Really cool code to base the entire avatar idea on.

    Gravatar might be a nice idea but the current implementation sucks.

  39. kataztrophy says:

    Don’t care how it looks, just that it still works. 🙂

  40. novimobiteli says:

    just checking how my gravatar looks 🙂

  41. kpopn says:

    i love gravatar!! thank you so much~ i was wondering if you have the chinese (mandarin) version of the sign up page, b/c i’m abt to launch a mandarin site and wanna encourage users to use gravatar. if not, i’d love to translate for you. and i can do it in both mandarin traditional and simplified. 🙂 thanks!

  42. hankyoo says:

    Gravatar.com fails. No CSS, no crop image possibility… :/
    I’ve tested with 2 different browsers.

  43. lefterisgreece says:

    well i have a question to make
    I do post my photo on Gravatar ( i was coming from ‘Stack Overflow’ forum) now i come back to the forum trying to see my photo there but it isn’t
    So please tell me what i can do in order to see my photo on this forum?

  44. emmaroberts28 says:

    just want to check my gravatar – sorry, i am new here 🙂

  45. I like the new layout! Everything on front page is better.

    I also hope Automattic is taking note of some of the suggestions that are being made by WP users on WeblogTC.

  46. sentabi says:

    awsome 😀
    I don’t care how it looks, just that it still works.;)


  48. showbras says:

    hi there

  49. windowscleaner says:

    Gravatar, Gravatar

  50. bustedbilly says:


  51. Thomas says:

    Great work!!! Thanks Thomas

  52. pekkanikolaus says:

    Your JavaScript seems to be down. I’m not getting a cropper in neither FF3.6, IE, or Chrome.

  53. Len Miller says:

    Are animated gravatars (gif images) on the horizon?

  54. tyrantsintheworkplace says:

    Yeah, I am happy about this.

  55. gina says:

    I know this isn’t the place for it, but I’d just like to say that my WordPress login does NOT work with Avatar.


  56. faymomo says:

    look better

  57. Armienne says:

    I cannot select and crop the picture.
    The box does not resizes and dose not move.

  58. Thanks for this exciting innovation I just discovered yesterday, courtesy of ChrisG.com. Now that I’ve created my Gravatar, how do I embed it on my Blogger’s blog?

    • Beau Lebens says:

      You can get a link from your Manage My Gravatars page to embed it as a normal IMG tag in HTML. Blogger doesn’t currently use Gravatars, but if the site you’re commenting on used something like IntenseDebate then your gravatar would appear there 🙂

  59. Jon Thompson says:

    I don’t see any way to request support. That bites, as I want to show you how your upload process is completely bastardizing the color in my photo. It goes from a warm cheerful pic, to me looking like I am walking dead. Unfortunately, it appears that the service that I was uploading an avatar uses your service, so I am forced to look dead.

  60. […] Yup. Finally Dad in Kitchen has its own Gravatar. For those who don’t know what Gravatar is, it is a small icon that shows up when you leave your comments. Live samples can be found at Gravatar’s blog. […]

  61. Marsha Webster says:

    Like the new look and feel of it.

  62. dlrtistcreations says:

    It’s really easy to read everything and the appearance is clean cut and simple, I like it a lot.. Thanx! =)

  63. catgirl09 says:

    I do not know how to change my pic! Please, can anybody help me?

  64. Hank Roberts says:


    I’ve been trying to upload a simple 2-bit black and white image.

    Each time I try, I get a ‘gravatar’ with extra added grayscale pixels — in other words it puts mud in the white space.

    Can I avoid having this extra helping of gray added to a monochrome image?

  65. bhartsfield says:

    Gravatar is an excellent implementation of a great idea! A well deserved “Good Job” to all involved. I just found out about it while updating my profile on http://bennadel.com

    I’m in the process of implementing it on my own site now. …well, I say “process” but it really only took about 20 seconds to apply.

    Thanks for the service!

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