Castle MonoRail Lowers the Drawbridge for Gravatar

Andy writes in to tell us that he has instructions for using Gravatar with Castle MonoRail projects in his blog post Integrating Gravatar with Castle MonoRail.

Thanks, Andy!

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8 responses to “Castle MonoRail Lowers the Drawbridge for Gravatar”

  1. kingbyu Avatar

    I see lots of great updates about various programs pulling gravatar images, but nothing about putting images into the gravatar system.

    There really needs to be a Gravatar API to allow uploads of new images programatically.


  2. greg Avatar

    Hi, I used your php for gravatar but the default gravatar is not displayed.
    What can be wrong? Please help
    Sorry for writing here.


  3. itbteky Avatar

    dude such a genius idea with the avatars . kudos. i know off topic but hey


  4. bubazoo Avatar

    I have been trying to contact gravatar support now for the past 5 months, trying to figure out WWHY I can’t login to my gravatar account webmaster (at) tcoburn (dot) com

    I am pissed off about this, because I paid my $10 to support multiple email addresses, then not even a month later, I haven’t been able to get into my account since!

    and supoort is NOT answering my emails!!

    and I am royally PISSED OFF!! about this!


  5. Brow Avatar

    Awesome work…this really helped out.


  6. mickeygreeneyz Avatar

    How do I get the cool avatars that look like japanese animae?


  7. sweets90240 Avatar

    if i add more than one picture do they randomly change?