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Some of your may have noticed that, for a while now, has been sporting a fancy new method for setting your Gravatar image — Taking a photo with your webcam!  I just figured that I would drop a note in here and make a “formal” announcement about it.  Just choose the “A webcam  attached to your computer” from the “Add an image” page.  A lot of people ask where they can get images to use (since does not provide any images to choose from,)  and this is a great way to get started!

Note: If you’re using a Mac with an iSight you will probably have to right click on the webcam applet, choose settings, click on the last little tab (looks like a webcam,) and choose the correct camera.  This will probably be true of any computer with multiple video sources. I would set this default for you but flash is a black-box (they protect you from malicious sites trying to play with your settings — as they should!)

So… go forth… and say cheese!





19 responses to “Say Cheese”

  1. Mohan Avatar

    Nice… the product is shaping up well with new features. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  2. projectlib Avatar

    🙂 – – – cheese…..
    Smiling for new avatar…

  3. Relenta Avatar

    Cheese indeed! 🙂

  4. Simon Avatar

    This is a great new feature.

    About to blog it on wpsos

  5. david Avatar

    i think it’s cool, I hope it will be easy to implement into the comment system, maybe we can use flash to retrieve the images directly to profiles so people can update them on the fly?

  6. Garritt Avatar

    Great idea. I am using Gravatars on my site now. I have a question though. Does the application alert the user before taking the picture? If not, we could end up with some very interesting Gravatar images. Keep up the good work.

  7. Chocksy Avatar
  8. chicagostarbaby Avatar

    Hello! Thanks for the insightful information! Very interesting indeed! I am smiling over here and saying “CHEESE!” Have a great day, and I will practice to get the “CHEESE” perfectly!

  9. wakca Avatar

    Hai, usefull information

  10. dan Avatar

    Keep up the good work. Cool, I hope it will be easy to use.

  11. bombchell Avatar

    lol guess i didnt notice since i just joined gravatar

  12. menj Avatar

    Great development for Gravatar most certainly! Keep up the good work.

  13. ready32860 Avatar


  14. webneedz Avatar

    Nice, thanks.
    Will be using that function soon 🙂

  15. stvproductions Avatar

    Yeah, The webcame future is nice! 😀

  16. vivitaylor Avatar

    Cheese 😀 the webcam feature is really cool, really like it alot.

  17. malobukoff Avatar


  18. fusserg Avatar


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