Add a Face to any Mailto:

Recently I came across a Greasemonkey userscript which adds a gravatar image to every mailto: link on a web page. Clever use of interesting technologies by docwhat.  Very cool!





16 responses to “Add a Face to any Mailto:”

  1. Chris Clarke Avatar

    That’s awesome.


  2. AhmedRidho Avatar

    I’m the first

    Thanks for information …

  3. Jan Avatar

    Just what I’ve been looking for!

  4. hfrmobile Avatar

    Nice idea!!

    Maybe an “Add-On” like “McAfee SiteAdvisor” will be nice which adds the Gravatar image on the client side? So thousands of web site owners need not updating their pages and users have to choice to display mailto-Gravatar images 😉

  5. Jacob from Group Writing Projects Avatar

    Great idea, but I have to admit that I haven’t seen too many mailto’s in the past few years…

  6. Lagorden Avatar

    Were I can test it? And how to install?

  7. Lukáš Hakoš Avatar

    Thanks for information 😉

  8. Welcome to Paradise Avatar

    Oops this is just black & white to me… hope in near future there is something simpler so that ppl like me also understand and can use.

  9. philsmy Avatar

    How does anyone contact the gravatar team??!

    We have added gravatar support to our site, but might remove it because we have some issues and no way to address them.

  10. FuNKeR Avatar

    I’m using it for quite a while now. It’s a great extension though (Greasemonkey AND the script). 🙂

  11. salatielgualter Avatar

    Mais novo membro ha aderir ao gravatar

  12. hadi_bandung Avatar

    just looking for….

  13. Omarm Avatar

    Thanks for information

  14. GRAZYOLI Avatar


  15. hireskips Avatar

    are gravatars auto generated

  16. Rodrigo Oliveira Avatar

    I realized Gravatar is being used on a number of the sites I use, namely StackOverflow, GitHub and WordPress, now that I am writting a blog on it. I think Gravatar is a great idea and went as far as blogging about it. You can see my post here

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