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May 04, 2008 | Posted by Matt users now have more avatar options, to choose the new defaults we talked about previously.

Those options will also be included with WordPress 2.6!

Also — the PNG thing is on our radar. Will have to change some things up to make it work again, but it’s just code. 🙂

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  1. Bruce says:

    The return of PNG will be much appreciated; many thanks for listening.

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  3. nsanenoob says:

    Great news 🙂

  4. Jeff Waugh says:

    Yay for PNG fixage! Thanks dudes. 🙂

  5. Sören says:

    Hopefully PNG will return with support for transparency 😉

  6. Woah. Talking about WP 2.6 already!

  7. aldisjames says:

    i need to know more on how to deploy avatar.. im new in wordpress

  8. human3rror says:


  9. FuNKeR says:

    I also just noticed the misbehaviour of PNG files on Gravatar. Uploaded a new one in JPG with white background. Would appreciate if transparency would be supported.

  10. m@ says:

    Identicons, roll out!

  11. stephenju says:

    My ugly Gravatar says thank you for the PNG fix. 🙂

  12. PakSpeaker says:

    WELCOME deaaar .. PNG

  13. Hone says:

    Gravatar signup could be made better if you parsed for common email address urls like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, aol etc and then created a big link to that email login url at the end of the after sign up message.

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  15. David says:

    PNG, Yay!

  16. Never ceasing to amaze me with your constant and never-endinging improvement… Good job, Matt!


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  18. Felipe Ramos says:

    Yeah… All we need now is gravatar in all languages… 😀

  19. omarm says:


  20. chinung says:


  21. cr0wley says:

    Thank goodness for the png fix – without alpha transparency, my gravatar just doesn’t work 😦

  22. Retodon8 says:

    Thank you for working on bringing back PNG support! 🙂
    The main news bit is nice too of course, but I’m just not a WordPress user myself.

  23. Thanks for the phg news – I also hope transparency will be kept when resizing png’s….

  24. lorenzone92 says:

    Thanks for adding PNG transparency! 🙂

  25. Carie215 says:

    I cannot figure out how to put the little pic on my name! I want to learn how so mine doesn’t look so blah! Someone help please!!!

  26. tylerdurden69 says:
    thnx man for the help

  27. pedrohedgehog says:

    Nossa sera que sou o unico que fala portugues aqui

  28. cweadick says:

    I love the new PNGs. Good work guys.

  29. neil says:

    Sounds great…one question, though — where do you take Gravatar feature requests? Is there a feature nomination tool like there is for

    I ask because I’d like to see support for Gravatar Timelines…basically, the gravatars that show up in blog posts or comments should match the picture I was using on that date. That way, as I change pictures over for my Gravatar, the picture that shows for old posts won’t (if that’s how the blog or whatever is set up).

    I think this would be great for tracking how children grow over time — I plan on my blogging on behalf of my daughter until she’s old enough to do it herself, and it would be really cool to see a timeline of pictures for those posts.


  30. omarmi says:


  31. japapuss says:


  32. negative99 says:

    Hey, what about us folks running our own WordPress? 🙂

  33. forian says:

    Thought you’d guys like to know that Chris Pirillo is using Gravatar in his new web template. If you want to see it for yourself go here and take a look at the comments section:

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  35. stegerl says:

    very good.

  36. sweathawk says:

    Wakka Wakka! I’m impressed! How about You?

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  38. mactoids says:

    I’m using the latest version of WP 2.5.1 on a local production machine – but I can only see the Avatar Display and Maximum Rating rows – the Default Avatar choice is missing. I was wondering why there was no way to change the default avatar in the Settings > Discussion earlier and came across this post and see that this is – only it doesn’t appear for me.

  39. Nelly Torres says:

    Me duele ¿como es posible que haya gente sin escrúpulo que no se cansa de hacer daño a los hombres sino que también se mete con Dios?, Hna. Glenda, no te desanimes, porque Dios y nosotros estamos contigo.

  40. Willy Andres says:

    Some problems in ? – I can’t log in to my account. I need to create a new account.!

  41. Laetizia says:

    What is this whole thing? Where did you get my old, no longer valid email address from and why can’t I change this – I moved to another country fer cryin out loud. Things change. How come I am logged in – I don’t even know to what I am supposed to be logged in to. What’s this bull about not erasing accounts at the moment? I never asked for an account, I never gave you any email and I never logged in or out from this.
    I don’t know what you people are pulling here, but I don’t like your methods. You *could* have just *asked* me if I wanted this and maybe I’d have accepted. Now I feel hoodwinked. Way to go, people.

  42. everything looks good, am continuing to discover new avenues of information and layout options and other interesting things. eagleman4ever

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  47. Brother Joy says:

    thank you

  48. blodfox777 says:

    thank you

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