How to Vote in 2008

Those of you eligible to vote in the United States, or employees of the Diebold corporation, have the opportunity to have a profound effect on the future of our country in the upcoming Presidential elections. As many of you know, I’m not going to be able to run until the year 2020 when I’m 36. In the meantime, we need to vote for other people but like tomato sauce in the supermarket there’s just too many choices — chunky? Italian? Clinton?

Fortunately one candidate has made an important change to their platform that should make your decision much easier. I’ll let the words speak for themselves:

3. Gravatar (Your Image): Have you noticed the unique and distinguished images that show up for some Rangers?  Well we have integrated a free service known as a globally recognized avatar (learn more at:  By simply creating your free Gravatar and placing any image or logo you want, you can then go to the dashboard and edit your profile, there’s an option to put the email you used to create your Gravatar.  Make your mark on today!

Read more about it here.

Just in time for Iowa you can now make your mark on Mike Huckabee, who now receives the Official Gravatar Endorsement for President of the United States™, at least until another candidate makes their stance on Gravatars known.

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20 responses to “How to Vote in 2008”

  1. Alenônimo Avatar

    Mike Huckabee? Isn’t one of these crazed republican-fundamentalist-chatolics who believe in creationism and want to put that 10 I-don’t-know-that-shit-ments on the White House?


    I bet my left eye that he doesn’t even know what is Internet.


  2. Matt Avatar

    Go Huckabee!


  3. bert Avatar

    If you are going to criticize someone for what they don’t know, could you do it using the rules of the language in which you are speaking?

    Speaking of “crazed” have you not heard Hillary cackle?

    What if instead of hating each other we listen to what each of us has to say and then vote our conscience. I’m getting very tired of living with people who can’t accept that not everyone thinks like alike.


  4. Gene Avatar

    I am looking for a different choice on the ballot myself, “None of the above.” How about a Gravatar for none of the above?



  5. evangeline Avatar

    Ron Paul is the ONLY choice to rid us of corrupt government annd the influece of corporations on our “leaders”. We need Ron Paul because he is honest and steadfast in his beliefs and convictions. We need to get rid of the Clinton/ Bush empire once and for all. Check out


  6. przxqgl Avatar

    remind me not to vote for you, either. 8/


  7. Derek Avatar

    Color me alarmed that Gravatar’s vote – nay, its *endorsement* – can be bought so cheaply. Huckabee has the audacity to be talking about bringing the country together after making a career of spouting far-right rhetoric, like calling for the quarantining of AIDS patients, overturning hate crimes legislation, and equating environmentalists with pornographers, homosexuals with necrophiliacs, and non-
    Christians with the forces of evil.

    Beest thou aware with whom thou posteth thy Gravatar.


  8. spypark.reborn Avatar

    testing my gravatar :mrgreen: and i wanna say hello to all especially to all students at smu 56 Jakarta.

    Thanks for the awesome service.


  9. JP Avatar

    Well since it’s now betweent MCain and Huckabee.. Huckabee all the way!


  10. Nafry Marmata Avatar

    oh. thanks anyway guy


  11. Duros62 Avatar

    Silly. It’s a series of tubes.


  12. Joshua Goodwin Avatar

    If only decent politics and Gravatar-awareness went together when it comes to US presidential candidates.


  13. ferreyrah Avatar

    Gov. Huckabee is the one for November.


  14. chaarly Avatar

    that’s right


  15. sassymee Avatar



  16. akelenegro Avatar

    engraçado, meu gravatar nao ta aparecendo nos posts q faço.porquê?


  17. Mary Avatar

    Just ran into this weblog as I was trying to make my Gravatar work on the new For those of you who were disappointed that Mike’s not the nominee for 2008, check out his new site. You can also get there by going to his old address.


  18. venator69 Avatar