Features that were previously ‘paid only’ are now free for all!

As of 1:03 (ish) PM PST we’ve unlocked the ability for all accounts to have multiple e-mail addresses and more than 2 uploaded avatars to choose from. We hope you’ll enjoy using these features as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

We’ll be gathering a list of everyone who upgraded in the last 60 days and will send them by a refund via Paypal early next week.






29 responses to “Features that were previously ‘paid only’ are now free for all!”

  1. WendySkeleton Avatar

    Yay! I can now jump in unison with my cat. Glad you guys moved over to WordPress. All these goodies unlocked.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Yay!! Thank you!

  3. michael, zahnarzt Avatar

    From now on you can have a business and a private Gravatar, thanxs

  4. Ingrid Avatar

    This is really great stuff, thanks! Can’t wait for the integration with wordpress.com gravatars.

  5. Retodon8 Avatar

    That’s a nice gesture.

  6. Norm Avatar

    Thanks a lot! great news

  7. zaknicola Avatar

    Very Nice!

  8. आशीष शुक्ल Avatar

    Yippe!!, cool, Thank you very much 🙂

  9. […] upon realizing that Automattic had acquired it, and found that it not only works reliably not, but all the features that were previously paid are now free. Once again, the folks at Automattic have really come through for us! There is just something […]

  10. DragonFlyEye Avatar

    Hey, any chance you guys might open up an API to allow us to create, say, a plugin for WPMU that allows users to control/signup for their Gravatars directly through the admin interface? I’m really hoping to encourage my users to use Gravatars, since they make your presence online so personable!


  11. jaredbares Avatar

    When are we wordpress.org fellas going to be getting a robust gravatar plugin now that it’s a part of automattic?

  12. Ana Roque Avatar

    Perfect!!! That’s a great addition that long time users have been waiting for!!!

  13. Eric Burke Avatar

    I just added Gravatars to my blog and the response has been very positive. One reader expressed interested in OpenId support, so any site he logs on to using OpenId can utilize Gravatars. Would you consider adding OpenId support of some sort to your service? Thanks!

  14. Jenn Avatar

    Ironically enough, I came to gravatar.com today to pay for the multiple email feature, and found that it was free! However, I would still love to donate, so if I can dig up your Paypal email address, I’ll be doing just that.

  15. timgrantdavies Avatar

    Wow thanks for giving us so much!

  16. Rafael Avatar

    Thank you, I liked a lot Gravatar !

    See you 😀

  17. Jacqi Avatar


  18. Glutnix Avatar

    Awesome! I love gravatar!

  19. Mike Avatar

    Hey guys, this is a really awesome idea! I’m going to hook it into my sites soon. I noticed on your implementation page that you don’t provide advice on how to hook gravatars into a Ruby on Rails site, so I wrote a helpful article: Gravatars on Rails. Thanks!

  20. Diseño Web Avatar

    Nice gesture.

    Good Luck with the WP integration.

    Keep Work!

  21. Zeb Avatar

    Great stuff. Thanks for the update 🙂

  22. gabriel Avatar

    hola a todos

  23. Mike Avatar

    Thanks the great stuff….cheerz

  24. favors Avatar

    Thanks for making gratars so easy to use. I’m a big fan personally, and we use it our blog too.

  25. john Avatar

    thanks for making such a wonderful stuff free

  26. rock Avatar

    cool, Thank you so much.

  27. diseño web chile Avatar

    I’m going to hook it into my sites soon

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