Updated Croppr & Stats

June 11, 2007 | Posted by Tom Werner

I’ve just deployed an improved cropper (thanks to Chris Van Pelt for his work on that!) that has been tested on the following browsers:

* IE6 & IE7 (Windows)
* Firefox 2 (Windows and Mac)
* Opera 9 (Windows and Mac)
* Safari 2 (Mac)

This should fix the few little bugs that the old version had. If you see anything weird, be sure to let me know.

A Few Stats

Since the launch of Gravatar 2.0 there have been just over 32,000 new signups! That’s a rate of over 7,000 new members per month. A huge thanks to everyone who’s helped make gravatar the popular service that it is!

80 Responses

  1. Alchemist says:


    Cool idea. I kind of hate to clutter this with troubleshooting, but I could find nowhere else to get assistance. I just signed up. Easy. The cropper worked fine. Great!

    I went to add an image to my e-mail address, and as soon as my cursor gets anywhere near the image, the image literally disappears. huh? I have tried over and over. Am I missing something obvious?

    For whatever it is worth, firefox 1.0.7. Windows XP professional. Thanks.

  2. Name says:

    Dude… keeping your blog dead for months to suddenly post this? I thought Gravatar was 100% dead for sure.

  3. The cropper tool doesn’t work for me (Firefox – WinXP) keeps telling me the cropper does not work in my browser and I should try use Firefox? Doesn’t seem to work in IE 6 either.

  4. Tom Werner says:

    Mladen – try holding shift and clicking refresh in your browsers, it’s possible your client is holding on to old versions of the javascript. If that doesn’t work, could you send me the exact versions of each browser so I can try to duplicate the error? Thanks!

  5. Bus says:


    It’s not show image from Gravartar in Commment,Example error

    Comment by:: admin said,
    Gravatar code:: http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=2f3368b4ce43ad90bd4d2c97e76dfca3 Comment date::June 12, 2007 at 10:33 am · edit

    Comment :: Test Test thank


  6. CV says:

    I got it to accept my graphic and crop it, everything seems fine but Gravitar doesn’t show up at Buzzflash. did I miss a step or something?

  7. Retodon8 says:

    Glad to see Gravatar’s back; it’s a nice initiative!

    I figured Gravatar was dead, also because I couldn’t open the Signup page for ages.
    Maybe a month ago (?) it suddenly started working, and I created my account without problem.
    Well, Gravatar is aparently case sensitive, and I’m used to typing my Name@Domain with capitals (I’m sure that’s how I signed up here too), but that could be easily fixed by whatever website uses Gravatars by making everything lower case.
    Maybe the actual problem lies there… not sure how the Gravatar software handles capitals.

    I figured there’d be blog updates again too, and here it is.

    As for refreshing, usually it’s Ctrl + F5 to do a forced refresh, not Shift.

  8. Testing my gravatar 😛

  9. Yet another testing…

  10. Drew says:

    Another Test

  11. Sephiroth says:

    Hmm, it seems that my gravatar isn’t updating, for I submitted a new image a few days back, but my blog, and every other I know of with gravatars still only shows my old one. What’s going on?

  12. Niclet says:

    Well, the cropper still doesn’t work for me. I’m on OS X (10.4.9) and I tried Safari 2.0.4, Firefox and Camino 1.0.4Intl it never worked.

    Also, my Avatar never been displayed in Gravatar supported blogs, only Gravatar’s generic “G” logo.

    Any answer??

  13. Katy says:

    The cropper didn’t work for me either but all is well as I didn’t feel the need to use it. The pop-up message said to use Firefox which oddly, I’m using. But I’m just happy I was finally able to sign-up after the upgrades!

    Thanks for the great service.

  14. arida says:

    Just testing dude. Peace out.

  15. Stefan says:

    The cropper doesn´t work with Safari under Mac OS X.

  16. arief says:

    testing my gravatar. cheers.

  17. Andrak says:

    Mohon beri motifasi berkarya di lalu lintas planet,daftarkan diriku sebagai family gravatar.Thank’s

  18. egozent says:


  19. waneko says:

    Testing o_O!

  20. dougdo says:

    This is a great utility Tom! Thanks for doing this!

    Can I make one feature request? Most of my commenters won’t have heard of Gravatar so I’d like to be able to point them in the right direction by changing the alt tag on an image where no Gravatar is returned to be something like “No avatar image for dougdo, you can get yours at gravatar.com”.

    I tried implementing a second function in the gravatar.php file gravatar_alt which took the same arguments but instead returned the appropriate alt text. But the only way I could figure out if the returned image was different than the specified no gravatar image was to do a fopen and fread and compare the first parts of the file. Unfortunately that didn’t work because my php configuration didn’t allow fopen on a remote file and I can’t fiddle with this.

    But perhaps this is something you could implement on your end without too much trouble?

    Cheers! Doug.

  21. geeky says:

    Croppr doesn’t work for me either. FireFox on Win XP, and croppr tells me my browser is not supported and that I should try FF. Ha!

  22. nina says:

    The cropper doesn´t work with Safari under Mac OS X.

  23. AnDoNI says:

    Nice job all you guays!

  24. NoWhereMan says:

    Gravatar is awesome!

  25. Kevin says:

    Cropper also told me to try using Firefox even though I *am* using Firefox.

    Initially I uploaded a .gif of my avatar, which produced the browser error message. I then tried a .jpg version of the same avatar and it worked like a charm, though after setting the rating to “G” I was returned to my Gravatar profile page only to see two (2) gravatars (same image), one rated “X” and the other rated “G.”

    The first one, X-rated, was sharper (the .gif?) and the second one, G-rated, was a bit fuzzy (the .jpg?). The duplication was easily remedied, I just changed the sharper gravatar to a “G” rating and deleted the fuzzy one.

    BTW, found you via the new PlayStation blog, http://blog.us.playstation.com/

  26. tcd says:

    does gravatar support animated gifs? if yes, I suppose it’s the cropper that deprives ’em of all life. So what’s the exact size of the image to make it avoid being hit by the cropper?

  27. Robert says:

    Glad to see that Gravatar isn’t dead. 🙂

  28. Jay says:


  29. 7uu says:


  30. chy says:

    why my icon not be showed ?



  32. monarcaxx says:

    traying my gravatar ¿?

  33. thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

  34. h.P.P.Y.s says:

    How to show it//.

  35. Daniel says:

    TY Dude

  36. AsceticMonk says:

    I experienced the same problem described by Sephiroth. Although I uploaded a new image, but my gravatar is not updating, and I did clear my browser’s cache, still no luck. Any ideas?

  37. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bueno si lose kiero tener un grabata

  38. Marcus says:

    Just testing…

  39. Thomas Trevor says:

    That is great I am testing because I having a hard time getting this to work.

  40. Melanie West says:

    My avatar doesn’t seem to show up if I commented on IE7, not sure if it is a theme error, anyways thanks for a great plugin!

  41. Grace says:

    This is cool. 🙂

  42. Steven Erat says:

    Gravatars not working. Let me repeat… I paid $10 for multiple emails and NONE of the gravatars for any email address are working.

    Please REFUND my $10 or correct the problem.

    The following emails all show the default blue G, not the intended icon:


    Thank you

  43. xxx says:

    this whole gravatar thing is just not working for me….

  44. starfoxACEFOX says:

    Dose this really work?

  45. stimart says:

    for me works great!

  46. My gravatar does not work.

  47. BlogTrainer says:

    Gravatar works great again! Thank You Tom.

  48. Dachaz says:

    As many people had stated here – cropper fails in browsers claimed to be supported (which doesn’t really matter to me) but what matters is that I’m stuck with image I assigned to my account very long time ago (pre-v2) and it just won’t update (re-uploaded a number of times, went to extents of even deleting my account and re-registering, and still am receiving the same old image)

    And no, I don’t use any caches, and yes I know how to hard refresh (oh, what a science).

    Also, several friends testing my new project which was supposed to implement Gravatar registered here but their images just didn’t link through.
    And yes, I’m using the proper code to hash and call image, without caching mediators.

    Too bad – really seemed like a convenient idea.

  49. naruto king says:

    i need a picture

  50. rach says:

    Testing my gravatar

  51. nao says:

    Testing my gravatar

  52. SystemBD says:


  53. Big Earl says:

    My Gravatar doesnt appear. Only the Blue logo. Why’s that?

  54. Herby says:

    @ Big Earl
    This should help you out. You are not the only one that has issues making there Gravatar show up.
    Gravatar Avatar Tutorial – How to get your Gravatar to show up?

  55. Ndrew says:

    I still can’t see an avatar showing.
    Testing this….

  56. Brian says:

    testing my gravatar – i do not think it’s working yet – i will see that now. cheers.

  57. Karin says:

    Hi, doing the same as Brian, testing my gravatar – i do not think it’s working yet – i will see that now. cheers.

  58. andreio says:

    37000 !!! wow … this is nice, but there are still lots of users that do not have a grvatar for example on my site no one that commented has one 😦

  59. grafman says:

    Great idea!

    However, there appears to be sync/DB/lookup issues. I signed up, uploaded an image – it shows up fine in my profile, but the blog URL doesn’t work.

    If you need code contributors, I’ve launched a number of high-volume photo/media-sharing sites (media storage, scalable DBs, image conversion, thumbnail generation, compositing, etc) – I’d be happy to participate.

  60. Borghal says:

    Yes, it seems that some sync problems remain. I changed my gravatar and though in the profile page the new one appears next to my email, I still get the old one on the URL…

    Congrats on the numbers, by the way!

  61. raj says:

    testing 1 2 3

  62. droonz says:


  63. Gerard says:

    Hi there,

    Just checking to see if my avatar works on this blog here. Even a test with gravatar_id straight to the site failed completely. A great idea but if there’s no where to turn to when it doesn’t work .. hmmm?!?!



  64. Lawrence says:

    Avatars not showing up in blogs 😦

  65. Jay Hepburn says:

    This Gravatar thing seems like a great idea. Thanks!

  66. Artemis says:

    Testing my gravatar.

  67. ryu says:

    I have problems with Gravatar. It shows my deleted avatar and my visitors’ new avatars aren’t being displayed at all.

  68. Mudge says:

    This is very nice. Thanks!

  69. BruceWayneIII says:

    Test my gravatar. However, it doesn’t seem to show up on http://blog.us.playstation.com

  70. Leo Flandriae says:

    translated Gravatar into Dutch, striving to support my Mothertongue, Nederlands, newborn is called Idicoontje .
    Still waiting to see my own Idicoon appearing.

  71. R says:

    Testing my gravatar.

  72. Subaru-sama says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Using FireFox, Windows XP (most recent update). 😦

  73. Mark Elliot says:

    Hi folks!

    My animated avatar does not show properly in IE6 and IE7 but in Firefox and I can´t work out a new animated gif in its proper size (80x80x256bits) with just 2 frames. Despite the crop tool does not appears and works by the time of upload the still image is assigned to my e-mail.

    Could you give me any clue?


  74. pepe says:


  75. pepe says:


  76. jd says:


  77. badwolf95 says:

    Testing to see if it works properly..

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