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You know how in the movies, the protagonist starts off his day just like any other day, only to find that some some evil supervillain or global catastrophe prevent him from getting home at 5:30 like normal? That’s sort of how it’s been with gravatars recently. What I thought would be a relatively simple architecture improvement has turned out to be a lengthy, frustrating experience for everyone involved. Gravatars pose a unique challenge, especially when faced with the limited budgetary constraints that I currently have. I’m exploring several options with regard to this and hope hope hope to have gravatars being served properly again very very soon. I am actively developing the Gravatar 2.0 website (screenshots will be ready soon), and once this whole thing settles down, there will be some really cool stuff to play with.

I’m not in the habit of asking for donations anymore, as I will be properly monetizing G2, but if you love gravatars (despite the recent shortcomings), it would bring a huge smile to my face, and help me have a little wiggle room in server configurations, if you wanted to donate a few bucks. Any donations can be sent via PayPal to Huge thanks!

Once again, my sincerest apologies for how things have been, I’m spending all my free time on getting this sucker purring again!

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